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Week Eight

Previously on Tough Enough: Greg was excited to have the opportunity get punched by Triple H. Harvard Chris thought that his biggest competition was Greg and Maven. Paulina left, and Nidia was sad.

House of Pain. Al Snow announces that due to "the unfortunate situation" that forced Paulina to quit, he will be removing another folding chair and placing it up against the wall with the others. Al Snow's voice sounds a little quavery during this speech. Could he be crying? Al reminds the remaining contestants not to let it affect them negatively, and that it's only going to get tougher. Al adds, "It's in moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." I think I saw that on a motivational poster at the mall. What's with Al Snow, wise sage for the ages? Jacqueline points out that it's down to two girls now, so Taylor and Nidia are competing solely against each other. Jacqueline advises them to "turn it up a notch." Man, Jacqueline's biceps are bigger than my thighs, and that's saying something. In an interview, Taylor says that it was narrowed down to the toughest girls. In an interview, Nidia says that it's been the two of them from the beginning. What about Paulina? Didn't she have a chance? In an interview, Maven says that he thinks Taylor will get the contract, because she's hungry, and you can't train someone to have desire. Oh no? Ever hear of a fellow named Pavlov and his canine friends?

Al Snow directs the contestants to practice some maneuvers in the ring. We hear an Al Snow voice-over, saying that the competition is getting tougher, and that he will be even harder on the contestants now, because he doesn't want them getting sloppy and causing injuries. Taylor hits her head on the turnbuckle. Harvard Chris tapes up his wrist. Taylor tries to bounce off the ring post and hurts herself. Josh is getting blonder by the minute, it seems. I know he dyed his hair that one week, but it keeps getting lighter. Anyway, Josh tosses Chris-tian over, and it looks like Chris-tian is injured. He paces outside the ring, clutching his jaw. Josh gets tossed, and then winces outside the ring, rubbing his shin. Do you get it? They're all getting hurt. Okay, just checking.

Nidia does a bunch of arm tosses on various contestants. After the last one, with Josh, Al Snow asks her if she's okay. She seems to have hurt her shin. In an interview, Nidia says that it was "too zame." I have no idea what that means. Is that some wrestling term? I guess it means that she got hurt.

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