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Week Two

After some actual credits featuring all of the participants, and a theme song of sorts, we see what happened previously: the WWF announced that they would be taking thirteen contestants. Harvard Chris had been trained by Killer Kowalski, and promised Tazz that he could be "deprogrammed." Stephanie McMahon promised the contestants that their bodies would be "bruised and beaten." The thirteen contestants were chosen. One of them -- Tom -- dropped out, so Greg took his place in the house. The contestants entered the house and learned all the rules.

Harvard Chris loves the house, but there aren't many opportunities for privacy. Gee, do you think that's by design? Taylor tells someone on the phone that they start training tomorrow. Jason is psyched to start training. Bobbie Jo thinks that she will be in good shape from all the training. I hate her. Bobbie Jo reminds us that Harvard Chris has already had some wrestling training. Harvard Chris and Nidia practice some wrestling moves. No, they really do. In an interview, Harvard Chris tells us that he is the only one in the house who is "mentally and physically prepared," and says that he finds himself giving advice to people. Wow, that could get annoying.

Darryl feels that the contract is his to lose. Well, I guess confidence is good. Darryl tells the group that he's been coughing for the past few days, and that he thinks he caught a cold from a baby on the plane. Nidia, Bobbie Jo, Victoria, Harvard Chris, and Greg hang out in the hot tub. Nidia shows off her biceps, as does Bobbie Jo. Greg flexes, too, and one of the girls comments that his arms look like hers.

Maven tells someone on the phone that everyone is really nice. In an interview, Maven says that when it comes to the competition, he's "been through a lot of life, and it's going to be hard to break [him]."

The next morning, people wake up, shower, and eat breakfast. Darryl lies on the couch and says that he's really sick. Someone jokes that he doesn't think the trainers will mind if he takes a sick day. Darryl says he has to work through it.

Big shows up and explains that today they will be doing ring training and then a weight workout. In an interview, Victoria says that she's not afraid to try anything in training. Taylor thinks that Victoria's stunt training will come in handy. While driving to the training facility, Victoria tells everyone that her favorite stunt was going through a window, and that "being on fire was fun." One of the guys jokes that every time he's been on fire has been fun, and Harvard Chris adds, "a hoot!" In an interview, Victoria says that she thinks she can be a wrestler, and that she wants to have fun.

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