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All Hallow’s Cheese

After the Vietnamese food challenge, Sara and Travis are a bit downtrodden, especially Sara. Travis says he’s feeling "melancholy," so he talks to his mom on the phone and it becomes about being gay. Are we supposed to like Travis now? It’s not working.

Uh oh, it’s the aluminum foil challenge. When the chefs arrive in the kitchen, everything is wrapped in foil. Gail Simmons is standing next to Padma to deliver the challenge, even though we all know what’s coming. Everything, even the pots, pans and kitchen tools are covered in Reynolds Wrap. Padma tries to make this about moms, but it’s a loose segue to introduce the mothers of Padma and Gail. The chefs are split into two teams and are tasked to create three dishes in 30 minutes. To make matters worse, the moms are shopping for their ingredients.

No offense to Padma’s mom, but Gail’s mom looks a little spryer and up to the task. The moms only have five minutes, which worries them both. Moms across the country may be using Reynolds Wrap, but they’re not unwrapping pots and spoons covered in it regularly. The teams have to use every single ingredient in the shopping cart. At least the winning team will split $10,000.

Lakshmi and Simmons Srs. are quickly throwing ingredients and foil-wrapped miscellany into their carts. Nobody has any idea what they’re doing, making this one of the dumbest challenges yet. The chefs start unwrapping to reveal some useful things like olive oil, and some awful things like mustard and baking soda. It’s almost too much food and too many options.

Nina, Bene and Brian are working on a course together and are working with canned beans, ginger, dried cherries, okra, strawberries and feta cheese. Sick. They decide to make a soup, hoping no one will notice all the bullshit that’s in it. The other teams have much more usable items, probably. Although I don’t know how to use ingredients outside of tortillas and cheese.

Carrie is trying to make a dish that requires a whisk without a whisk. Stephanie and Sara are stuck with lamb, which is OK, but they have to cover it with corn, onions, mushrooms and some very funky cheese. All in half an hour. That is so ridiculous. In the last moments Sara takes the lamb back to throw it on the grill longer and it almost doesn’t make it to the plate.

The moms return with their daughters, and all four of them try the weird dishes. Sara and Stephanie’s fonduta is up first. Gail’s mom says the lamb is not over-cooked. Michael and Justin team up to present a red snapper papillote, whatever that is! The dessert is a sabayon, which is the thing that needed a whisk but didn’t have one. It seems like it went OK for them.

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