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Gail adds insult to obvious injury and reminds the losers that they are losers. Eric looks particularly glum and admits to Gail that he just started panicking at the word "dress" and still hadn't stopped panicking. Johnny Iuzzini points out that it wasn't just the technique that was off, but even the cookies that Eric made every day looked bad. Eric shrugs because there is no way to defend how crappy that dress looked. Although after Seth's panic attack you would think the judges would be a little cautious about causing the cheftestants heart palpitations. HBH claims she just wanted some color in the competition, but the judges just shake their heads sadly. It's hard to yell at someone in a head bandage of indeterminate origin, you know? She could have a third eye or a brain leak behind that thing and you don't want to get involved with something like that. Danielle claims she is really proud of her techniques, even if they aren't specifically pastry techniques. Johnny points out that a lot of her dress was inedible due to heavy leek-age. Which is true, but I am still certain he is docking points for vegetable use, which is unfair. The claim that her chocolate watch was too small and her clutch was too big and nothing was just right. They send them back to the Stew Room so they can debate in peace.

When the chefs are called back in, Eric is degraded for his disastrous ensemble, Danielle is derided for not taking risks, and HBH is dishonored for poor accessorizing. But it is HBH who is sent home. And much like Seth was sent home before we could find out what THAT THING was on his neck and what it was whispering into his brain, once again HBH is gone before we can ever find out what was behind that head bandage.

Melissa Locker a.k.a. Lulu Bates is not a fan of Xena. You can follow her on Twitter @woolyknickers.

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