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Next up is Eric who puts on a good, optimistic show despite being dead on the inside. The judges notice that the dress is tragic, but they do enjoy his cheesecake "pendant". HBH's dress is cute although it used no pastry techniques whatsoever and instead looks like someone got drunk and rolled around in a salad bar. But in a good way. The judges aren't thrilled with the sassy salad look, but do like her chocolate caramel petit four. Yigit is going for the sentimental and sympathetic vote as he declares that his dress is an homage to Alexander McQueen. He also claims it is reminiscent of Bjork, which it is being white and twisty. I kind of wish he would have added a swan's head for realism though. The judges are suitably impressed with the fashion but find the flavors in the petit fours flat. Morgan is next and he starts making his sexy face and sort of lisping as he explains to the judges about his super sexy pumps and his hot little dress and the matching clutch he made. As much as Morgan is riding my last nerve like it's a bronco at the Texas State Fair, I want his petit fours. He made a red hot macaron and a bonbon in the shape of a ring pop. They are awesome.

Heather has made a dress entirely out of modeling chocolate with surprisingly excellent draping (a word I only know because of Project Runway). She has also made a macaroon purse, but it is not nearly as interesting as Morgan's. Heather, Yigit, and Zac spend some time mocking Danielle before she is judged because that is the type of people they are. Her dress also incorporates vegetables but to far greater success than HBH. At the judges' tasting table, Johnny Iuzzini remarks that she is the second contestant to use vegetables. Um, that's because you only said to make it edible, chucklehead. If you wanted them to only use pastry, tell them. Or only cast mind readers. I'm totally with Danielle and HBH on this. Not that their dresses deserve to win, because they don't, but don't dock them points for it. Gail reminds everyone that $20,000 awaits the winner so they should skedaddle back to judges' table to discuss.

No one in the Stew Room looks happy. Gail comes in and asks to see Morgan, Yigit, and Zac. HBH sighs like she thought she was going to win, while Heather looks like she wants to cut a bitch named Morgan. The judges smile broadly and pronounce them the winners. Everyone loved Yigit's design. Zac's dress was surprising, but not nearly as surprising as Johnny Iuzzini telling Zac that he is a "silly little bastard" but saying it with no emotion in his voice, just flat, like it was a fact and he was a robot. Finally Morgan is crowned the winner and you can just see it going straight to his head. Gail asks him to send in HBH, Eric, and Danielle, which is incredibly unsurprising when you compare their work with Erika's or Heather's. As the losers trudge off to their doom, Zac is in a snit because a frequently self-proclaimed straight man from Texas beat him, beat him in a chocolate fashion competition.

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