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Welcome back to Top Chef (Just Desserts) now with 100% less Bitch Face Heather, but don't worry, Yigit and Zac are upping their Personal Bitch Level to ELEVEN to compensate. Danielle is gleeful to be the last woman standing and she can't stop chortling over the devastating blow to Team Diva's ego. But who cares about drama when you can have cake?

In the Top Chef (Just Desserts) kitchen, Gail introduces the five remaining pastry cheftestants to Shinmin Li, cake decorator extraordinaire and part-time glossy hair model and most likely assassin. Girl looks like a Bond villain. Zac assures us that she breathes fire. She orders the contestants to make her an edible bouquet or she will detonate the bomb she has strapped to their family dog. Gail yells, "Go!" and dangles a bucket of cash over their heads and all the chefs hop to.

Zac is making chocolate flowers, Baked Eric is going buttercream, Danielle is stupidly opting to make flowers from fresh fruit because that plan worked so well in the edible fashion competition. Sweet little baby Jesus, Danielle, have you been huffing too many whip-its in the walk in? We JUST went over this. Make the freakin' flowers out of sugar or YOU WILL PERISH. You're representing all the XX chromosomes, lady, so THINK. Yigit is going balls to the wall because his brief visit to the bottom three was not okay and he is going to be talking to his therapist about it for years. He is not only making flowers, but he is making THE VASE out of pulled sugar. Yeah, Danielle's orange peel roses are really going to stand up next to THAT. Morgan is making a chocolate bouquet that shows some promise, but Baked Eric is making a cupcake with a lot of buttercream flowers on top, which looks kind of homely in comparison. While Eric bumbles along, Morgan takes matters into his own hands and elbows Yigit's vase out of the way shattering it. He quickly owns up to it, but the vase is in teeny tiny edible pieces and Yigit is not happy. He tries to use his back-up sugar vase, but it breaks, too. Yigit is now a very grumpy strudel puller. He settles for an actual glass vase and sends a carrier pigeon with a 911 note to his therapist. Time's up!

Shinmin Li comes in to assess judgment and punishment as necessary. Before she arrives, Yigit doles out his two cents: Danielle's dish is not Shinmin's style and she will be forced to commit seppuku while Eric's oversized cupcake is in disarray and he will be ordered to walk barefoot over the broken shards of Yigit's vase; Morgan's flowers are *shudder* brown; and Zac (yes, he even picks on Zac) is just not cutting it. Shinmin Li snaps her riding crop and the contestants snap to attention. Morgan shows off his sugar work AND his chocolate work. Danielle's marshmallow-sugar-cookie-candied-orange-peel piece is an embarrassment to womankind and she will have to pay. Yigit manages to tell the entire saga of The Vase and pat himself on the back for his fortitude and perseverance before showcasing his tropical rose bouquet. Zac proudly displays his disco flowers and Eric shows his mound o' flowers cupcake.

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