Torn Between Two Mothers

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Mommy Dearest

Chandler bumps into Heather once again at the mansion. He thanks her for championing the new wing design project. She's only too glad to help as she believes in the project AND she believes in their relationship. He says goodnight, but she stops him. She doesn't want to be out of his life. She wants it all. Oh, and for some reason she's holding an apple. They begin to slobber on each other when Jack's door bursts open (so his bedroom is located right off the front-door foyer?). The two break apart just in time. Some pleasantries are exchanged until Heather excuses herself and ascends the staircase. Chandler can't help staring at her ass. "I thought we had an understanding that you were going to keep your distance from her?" Jack queries. Chandler promises to do so in the future. Jack just put this family back together again so Chandler had better not screw it up. Jack returns to bed, and Heather reappears at the top of the staircase to lustily bite into her apple. How can Chandler resist?

We've all been waiting for this, but it looks like next week Heather tumbles down a staircase. How original. Gee, I hope the baby's okay.

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