Torn Between Two Mothers

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Mommy Dearest

Jenny has moved back home, telling Laurie and Gwen that David was moving way too fast for her. Mom offers to taker her out to her favorite restaurant. Jenny would love that. The phone rings and Laurie rushes to get it. It's David. He wants to see Laurie tonight -- alone. Laurie, seeing her opportunity to scam David on the rebound, accepts and blows off dinner with her mom and Jenny. The doorbell rings and Gwen answers.

Ethan's in his room with the headphones on, jamming out, as the kids like to say. There's a knock at the door but the tunage is so loud that Ethan's oblivious. Gwen enters on her own and kills the volume. She's there to introduce him to his new French tutor. Surprise, surprise -- it's Faith, the sweetie pie from next door. Ethan lets loose with a dopey, wide-ass grin (a shit-eating grin some might call it).

Back at the office, Peter and Samantha are engaged in a make-out session. He must have watched a few instructional videos as he seems to know what he's doing. He suggests that they head out to dinner and she agrees. He leaves for a meeting, and Samantha gets cornered by Heather who pleads with her to listen: "Peter's playing a dangerous game." She reveals Peter for the blackmailer that he is. But don't take her word for it -- figure it out for yourself.

Peter's at the restaurant finishing the last drops of a bottle of wine. Samantha arrives late and steaming. She knows everything. She can't believe that Peter got to her. But she won't be manipulated anymore. He tries to sound genuinely sorry, but he just can't pull it off.

Back at David's apartment, David is showing off the pills that he found hidden under his mattress. Why wouldn't Jenny keep them in her purse where they're more convenient? And wouldn't she have brought them with her when she moved out? I mean, what kind of addict is she anyway? Laurie's tired of dealing with Jenny's troubles. David wants to stick by her. He's used to this kind of thing -- three steps forward, three steps back. Isn't it three steps forward, two steps back? Not to be picky, but come on people! Laurie's not as interested in Jenny as she is in discussing David. The other day, she opened up to him about her father in a way that she didn't know she was capable of. Remember? All she did was say that Jenny had trouble dealing with the pain and emptiness, and David deduced that they were actually talking about how Laurie's dealing with it. She didn't actually open up at all. Anyway, she just wants to thank him. He puts his arm around her in a comforting way just as Jenny silently opens the door. Jenny obviously gets the wrong impression. Devastated, she sneaks back out unnoticed.

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