Torn Between Two Mothers

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Mommy Dearest

Chandler's going through his father's designs back at the mansion. On cue, Heather pops in. She's curious as to what he's up to. He wants to continue Richard's legacy but has his doubts. After all he's not Richard.

It's after hours at WGE, but Jack is still burning the midnight oil. In the hallway, an extra scrubs the floor and can't help looking at the camera. Gwen sticks her head in the door and laments that the chore of running Williams Global is what cost her a husband. Jack subtly corrects her by saying that she lost Richard to a younger woman. She corrects Jack by saying that he had two mistresses: (1) a hot chick AND (2) a seductive career. Touché. Jack makes a lame analogy about how it takes two to ruin a tango. Gwen admits that she, too, gave her all to the company. So maybe she cheated as well. Nice try saving face there Gwen, but Richard cheated on you with an actual living organism. The conversation turns to why Jack fled to Europe. He had a thing for Gwen, he admits, and he could never get her out of his mind. This family desperately needs to widen its dating pool. Gwen is clearly flattered but decides to leave anyway.

A new day dawns, and Heather is going over Richard's innovative wing-body designs with Jack. To this uneducated eye, these innovative sketchings look like a typical airbus, but I'm sure the art department had to blow its budget on furnishings and wardrobe so they probably got a production assistant to draw these up. Heather wants Jack to invest big bucks in the project. It'll be something that will bring Richard's vision to life just like the little embryo inside her. Let me just stop here for a moment to say that Yasmine looks absolutely stunning for once. Her makeup is subdued, her hair is styled naturally, and she's wearing a brown leather jacket with matching skirt and a white turtleneck underneath. Why can't she look like this every week? Jack sees the opportunist in her but agrees to give the project some consideration. He observes that she's a very ambitious woman. Let's just say she knows what she wants (heavy on the bedroom eyes).

We're at an outdoor café and Laurie is telling David a story about Jenny driving into a mailbox. She fails to mention whether she was drunk at the time. According to Williams lore, Laurie was grounded for a year because she allowed an underage Jenny to wreck a perfectly good Porsche. A year? Nobody grounds their kids for a year, especially Beverly Hills millionaires. Still, Jenny was "amazing" to grow up with. The problem is Laurie's not so sure that Jenny has. Grown up, that is. David's also worried. Laurie believes that Jenny will do anything to keep from feeling the pain and emptiness of losing Richard. David is wise enough to discern that Laurie's talking about herself now. (Remember this moment for later.) David also lost his father at an early age so he knows what the girls are going through. Gee whiz, he's been an alcoholic and his father died -- next thing you know he's going to empathize with the girls when they suffer from PMS.

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