Torn Between Two Mothers

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Mommy Dearest

Ethan's up in his room in the middle of a French lesson. The teacher from Little House on the Prairie is taking him through some grammar rules. He, however, is preoccupied with his telescope. "Do we have to do this now?" he gripes. "You do if you want to get into Bramley," she counters. What if he doesn't? Then he'll have to be happy with public school. If I'm not mistaken, Proposition 38 passed here in California so he'd probably be able to get a voucher. The tutor, fed up with Ethan's insolence, leaves. Ethan returns to his telescope, and we finally see that he's been spying on a young hottie playing tennis next door. "Je t'aime boucoup," he mutters and then breaks down the sentence ("I like you very much" for the unilingual). This device is there to show us that Ethan is quite brilliant and maybe doesn't need a tutor after all. The tennis babe is also a device to skew the viewing demographic toward younger males, but I digress.

Peter is meeting with the San Francisco bankers. He's waxing eloquently about how his father wasn't interested with numbers but with character and promises. At WGE, Richard's spirit lives on. Blah, blah, blah. Samantha's getting all moony-eyed at Peters' mellifluous speech (thank you Mr. Thesaurus). The bankers buy every word and promise a decision on Peter's proposal by the next day. Outside, Samantha declares Peter brilliance. She even has goose bumps. She can't stop blabbering about how amazing he was. Peter feigns humility but does suggest that the two spend the night on the town -- at the company's expense, of course. Peter knows the perfect place located deep within the Castro district.

Golf course. Day. Jack is on the links with a business associate. The guy wants info on WGE' soft numbers in the second quarter. He knows that Jack inherited a mess and that Richard did business with his heart, not his head. Jack wants to know where this guy is going. His family is willing to make an extremely generous offer to pick up WGE. He makes an offer with a whole lot of zeroes. Jack promises to think about it.

Peter and Samantha return from a splendid night of gay-bar hopping. It's been a magical evening. Peter lauds his father for being such a visionary and seeing what an amazing woman Samantha would become. Especially considering that she used to bleach and starch the Williams' unmentionables. She finds Peter simply charming. She's ripe for the plucking, but Peter wants to wait until the moment is perfect and there's not the slightest bit of hesitation. That, and he's got to read a few books on human sexuality first. He kisses her hand and bids her goodnight.

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