Torn Between Two Mothers

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Mommy Dearest

Gwen confronts Heather, and I'm betting that she's going to give her shit for bumping into her in the hallway. Instead, she demands to know where Chandler is. Heather claims that she doesn't have a clue and is worried herself. Heater pleads for a chance to explain. There's nothing between her and Chandler, not anymore. What they had in Hawaii is over. She just wants to have Richard's baby and live her life the best that she can. Gwen threatens that if she loses her son over this, she'll have no choice but to blame Heather. "And blame you I will," she adds with extra menace. On a side note, I don't think that either Victoria or Yasmine is wearing a bra in this scene.

Jenny's going through color swatches at David's apartment. "What's all this?" David wonders. It's the redecorating project that they talked about. He asks about her knee. It's a mild sprain (does she have her written verification of mild sprain from the doctor?). It's nothing that a few dozen Vicadin can't handle. She shows him some fabric samples, and he wonders whether they're not moving too quickly. Jenny covers well ands says that moving too fast is the last thing she wants. We can see she's hurting though. David's thrilled that that's over with and heads for a shower before work. Jenny asks if he wants some company, but he's really pressed for time. Ouch. When a guy's too busy for shower sex, you know the relationship's in trouble. She provides a little guilt, and he agrees to some wet fun. He calls for someone to cover him at the club while Jenny sucks back a few pills. I don't think they're the birth control type.

Chandler returns to his pool-house bedroom to find Gwen waiting there for him. I swear nobody respects his privacy. She's worried. She hasn't seen or heard from him in hours. She has seen the tape and wants to know his side of the story. Is Heather any good in the sack? Chandler confirms that it's over -- unless of course Heather shows up in that gold bikini covered in baby oil again. Gwen wants to know why he had to cover it up. He did it for dear old dad. Richard was so excited about his wedding that he was acting like a kid again. People are talking, Gwen points out, and wonders whether there is any chance that the baby is NOT Richard's. Chandler, once the only noble Williams, lies again, declaring that the baby really is his dad's. Gwen doesn't appear to believe him fully but drops the subject.

The next day, Chandler returns from another one of his sweaty runs. Jack asks where he has been. He just had to work off a little stress. Jack advises Chandler to do his best to keep his distance from Heather, and the young titan agrees. In fact, he goes all the way and gives Jack his word. Jack claims that his word is all that he needs. Why is that? Chandler's been living a lie since he returned from the Navy and now he's a paragon of honesty? Naturally, when Jack leaves, Heather shows up begging to be heard out. She wants to raise the baby as Richard's and go public with the relationship later. Chandler will have none of it. He stomps out while Heather seductively bites her lip, deep in thought.

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