Torn Between Two Mothers

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Mommy Dearest

We're at the hangar, and Chandler informs Scott that he's on his way out of the business. Scott thinks he has something that will change Chandler's mind. He throws a notebook Chandler's way. It's filled with aircraft design specs. It's all part of an innovative wing-body design that Richard was working on before he got screwed to death. Scott informs us that most of the research is stored at the estate, but the basic idea is conveyed in the sketches in the book. Chandler wants Scott to cover for him and to forget what he just said -- he's staying!

Samantha can't get Chandler and Heather's Hawaiian sexcapades out of her mind. Peter apologizes for showing the video to her in the first place. He claims that it arrived anonymously in the mail. Samantha is actually relieved; she needed to see it as it explained a lot about Chandler's behavior. Peter blames Heather for the spell she has cast over everyone, but Samantha won't let him defend Chandler so easily. He lied to everyone. The two get up and leave, perhaps for some lunch. As they pass the elevators, Laurie and Gwen exit. Gwen can't find Chandler anywhere. Laurie doesn't know who to be more mad at: Heather or Chandler. Momma Bear is anxious to know if Jenny's heard the news, and Laurie explains that she's been out for a few days due to a knee she hurt jogging. The idea of Jenny doing any kind of physical exercise other than pounding scotch is laughable. Laurie suspects it's a way to spend more time with David and less time at work. As mother and daughter continue to gossip, Heather comes up from behind and barrels her way between them. If you can believe it, she doesn't even say "excuse me." It looks like they're all going to another board meeting. Jack kicks off the ceremonies by indicating that the aviation numbers are below industry average. It's tearing up the morale of everyone in the company. I know my morale gets all torn up when Viacom's numbers are low. Jack wants to do something about this predicament. He wants somebody to fly up to Trinity Mutual in San Francisco and alleviate their creditors' concerns. So let me get this straight. Morale is poor at Williams Global, so by going further into debt and extending their credit, the entire company will be encouraged and renew its hope? Peter has a previous relationship with these bankers so he volunteers to go. I'll bet if the bankers were based out of Boise he wouldn't be so enthusiastic. Since one of Trinity's big concerns is Dress2K, Samantha also gets tapped for the trip. Heather pipes up that, as the former CEO of the Internet company, she should go along for strategic purposes. For someone who claims to hate Peter so much, Heather sure seems eager to hang out with him. Peter remarks that she was only head of Dress2K for about a week and that she's obviously just sucking up to Jack. "Come on Jack," Peter whines, "She's already got the bun, does she really need the whole oven?" I can honestly admit, I don't have a clue what Peter was trying to say here. Jack doesn't know either but demands that Peter stuff it, and stuff it good. Now that that little unpleasantness is over with, Jack has an entire re-organization plan that he wants to implement, and he wants the division heads to memorize it and provide their input. Meeting adjourned. Peter chases Jack out the door and demands to know why he insists on protecting Heather. She's carrying Richard's baby, Jack explains, and she's not going away -- deal with it.

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