Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

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Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

Heather and Samantha have become best buds. They're back at the Williams mansion now, and Heather is pacing back and forth. She suspects that there's some hanky-panky going on between her hubby and his ex -- you know, because his car is over there. The butler shows up with some aspirin and water. Richard opens the door, and Heather demands an explanation. It's all a misunderstanding. Richard was meeting his nephew. Phew! To make up for her jealous accusations, Heather offers to hold a dinner party in honor of the new nephew.

Samantha's back in her office and she receives a call. It's Chandler pretending to be the guy from Scream, you know, with the Scream voice. It's probably not one of the more romantic things you can do for a girl, pretending to be a homicidal maniac. He directs her to head outside to the rose garden. There, he puts his flyboy arms around her and they reminisce about the tree house. They laughed, they cried, they did it all. He asks if she remembers their first kiss. It was raining and stormy and they were both soaked to the bone. I'll bet. She thinks about the kiss every day. Now Chandler needs her. They make out, and Heather's watching.

Samantha's having lunch with her new bud Heather at an outdoor café. Samantha makes some sort of insane comment about reducing their debt load by selling all their assets when Heather interrupts to get down to some serious business. Why is there no man in Samantha's life? Oooh, this should be delicious. Samantha doesn't know that Heather knows about her, Chandler, the tree house, and paradise. Heather asks about Peter -- he's obviously attracted to her. She'd sooner die? How about Scott? Nah, he's too black. How about Chandler? Ooh, Samantha's blushing, she's got a lousy poker face. While he's not Heather's type (because you should never speak of your stepchildren in terms of whether they're your type or not), she can definitely see why Samantha would want a piece of that beefcake. Who says "beefcake" any more? Are they going to head on down to the soda fountain and have a lime rickey next? Heather asks if a relationship between Samantha and Chandler would qualify as incest. No, but you constantly attempting to seduce him probably would qualify. Just because Samantha was the housekeeper's daughter and the Williams treated her as one of their own wouldn't legally prevent them from carrying on, as adults occasionally do. Wasn't it hard being the housekeeper's daughter? "No," Samantha replies, "it was paradise."

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