Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

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Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

The two patch things up while shopping on Rodeo Drive. They have just left a store where the unforgivable sin of having belly shirts next to high-end perfume was committed. Heather believes it's utter chaos. She proposes that Dress2K will be touting clarity. Uh huh. Furthermore, hip-conscious Internet customers will flock to Heather's new site because they'll be convinced that she has what they want. Not if they stock what she's wearing, they won't. Heather asks Samantha if she's crazy. Samantha thinks she is, but the good kind of crazy, the kind you don't need a tetanus shot for. Samantha then regurgitates some business jargon from her days at Brown. Success in fashion is based on two things: luck and more luck. The second kind of luck involves lots of cash. No problem, Richard's loaded. Not so, corrects Samantha -- the family is loaded. Hmmm, and Richard as the patriarch of the clan is...down on his luck? All right then, the first order of business is to win over the Williams family. Actually, Heather, your first order of business was to sleep with your husband's son, your second order was to piss off your husband's ex-wife by showing her up, your third was to antagonize your husband's other son, and your fourth was to remove $100 million from the rest of the Williams heirs. So, more accurately, your fifth order of business should be to kiss all of their asses. Her number two suggests holding a dinner party and getting them all drunk. Brilliant!

Next stop is the Pulse club, and Chicago is still on stage playing. This is the third drastically different musical genre that the Pulse customers have been exposed to. Thankfully we're spared the long shot of the band of the week, and we get right down to business. Laurie's angry that David signed Air Supply to a contract that guarantees them cost-of-living increases. I guess REO Speedwagon is going to be the house band at Pulse for the next couple of years. David takes the blame for what was clearly Jenny's idea. Laurie wants to know why he's so willing to do this. David wonders why Laurie feels she has to micromanage both the club and Jenny's life, and I'm still wondering why it takes three people to manage one shitty little club? ["Hey, not everyone can just luck into a Peach Pit, you know." -- Sars] Laurie has seen boyfriends come and go, and she's tired of picking up the pieces every time Jenny falls in love with the wrong guy. David offers that maybe he's the right guy. Sure he is, if his real name's Jim Beam -- Jenny's an alcoholic! Furthermore, Laurie warns, she's fragile and overly sensitive. David protests that the last time he checked, alcoholism was a disease, not a character flaw. Actually, David, it's both.

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