Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

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Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

It's nighttime back at the Williams mansion. Richard is asleep, and Heather gets out of bed and starts undoing some of the buttons on her negligee and rearranges her breasts while she's at it. When they're sitting just so, she sneaks out of the bedroom. Cut to Peter's bedroom, where he's coming out of the shower, dressed only in a towel with a martini in hand. Man, the rich live right. Heather admits that she may have underestimated Peter, and suggests an alliance between the two. Why should he? Perhaps to gain Daddy's approval? More power? How about Heather's undying friendship? He encourages her to "strut her perky little bottom back to Daddy and leave him alone." Well, that solves that. Peter's gay…not that there's anything wrong with that.

The next day, the girls are enjoying lunch with Gwen. Ethan-Leo is sullenly kicking at the water in the pool in a "aw shucks" kind of way. Jenny and Laurie rudely stare and talk about him like he's not even there. Laurie gets such a bad vibe off of him that she's stopped leaving her jewelry out at night. Jenny is also a little wary, as he's just about to hit the hormonal equivalent of the Twilight Zone. Gwen is disappointed in the girls. Just because he's going through puberty is no reason to disown him. He's a Williams and he deserves every opportunity that they did. Which I guess means flying through school on cruise control and getting an undeserved cushy job at WGE.

Speaking of which, we're back. Samantha warmly greets Heather (who's wearing a circus load of rouge today) to her office. She recites Heather's schedule for the day. Oh great, now she's Heather's personal assistant too? Heather interrupts her with a cheerful "What the hell are you doing in my office?" Richard didn't tell her? Samantha has been made Heather's new number 2. She's number two all right, as in poo. Heather storms off.

Peter tries to suck up to Samantha with flattery, but Samantha asks that he stop the scheming, stop with the flattery, and stop chewing the scenery. She walks away steaming, but for some reason cracks a smile when Peter comments on how he likes her pumps. I guess that is kind of funny.

After finding Samantha in her office, she heads off to Richard's on a tear. She wasn't consulted first, and she certainly doesn't need a babysitter. Richard bites back that in light of all the outrageous ideas she's been "spewing" recently, he thought that Samantha would help keep Heather's feet on the planet. Which outrageous ideas? Or is he just referring to her outrageous wardrobe and the fact that her outfits always seem to match her rouge? Well, if you put it that way, then fine! Defeated, she retreats to manipulate her new second in command.

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