Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

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Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

Everyone's back at the mansion for the four o'clock reaming by dad. Richard will not tolerate another power grab. Peter's writers have taken a break. I'm surprised that he's still not ranting and raving about that towel. "She's got about as much business sense as an iguana." I stand corrected. He's adamant that what he's doing is in the company's best interest, and that he's simply trying to keep the company afloat. He's got three other offers that he's considering. Ah, but Dad's lawyers have been snooping around. Company #1 requires a $5 million buy-in, Company #2 launders money for the Mafia, and Company #3 is going bankrupt. Furthermore, Peter solicited all those offers himself. If Peter wants to quit, then he's certainly welcome to do so. You better watch out, Dad, because someday he might just do that! Now that Peter's out of the way, Richard turns his attention to Chandler. Why didn't he squeal on his brother last week? Chandler obviously has been tainted by military service. The business world is about cunning, scheming, and who's ever left standing at the end of the day has the power. Isn't this a family business? Chandler promises that he won't be the weak link any longer. We can all count on him.

Sufficiently rebuked, Chandler leaves, and there's Heather again, still all tarted up. She misses Chandler. He insists that it's over. Yadda yadda, we've all been here before.

Across the street, Leo and Gwen are in the breakfast nook. He wants twenty bucks and a cab so he can get out of Gwen's hair. She correctly surmises that he's been hurt before and doesn't want to be hurt again. Gwen asks for one night to prove what a great aunt she can be, and he reluctantly agrees.

We're back at the Hangar, and Samantha is dropping off more blueprints. They're both feeling awkward over the pool-house incident. It's very cute. Chandler makes a pouty face. "What's wrong, Chandler? You look so tortured." Apparently, she's never seen him so tortured before. And she's never used the word "tortured" so frequently in such a short length of time. Scott arrives whistling, as black men are prone to doing. He gives Chandler a knowing look towards Samantha, but Chandler shakes him off. Scott informs him that everyone in the company, including himself, has tried to hit on Samantha. I'm sure Samantha would have received a few more promotions by now if she simply launched a massive sexual harassment lawsuit against the firm. Chandler says he's not interested, and Scott then predicts success because, get this, if she's not interested and he's not interested, then two negatives equals a positive. They don't have a choice in the matter. Maybe they were just meant to be. Gotcha. Scott definitely didn't go to Brown. Nor does it sound like he's ever had a girlfriend.

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