Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

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Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

Out of nowhere, Heather shows up, and she's got a latte!!! Oh and Richard's there too. He has already been informed of the Dress2K deal going south. Not going south, Chandler assures him, it's just a bump. "Already covering for Peter," Richard mistakenly assumes. Damn it Richard, don't you see that Chandler's protecting you, Heather, and the company? You've got it all wrong, man. I LOVE you. Richard can't be swayed. He's disgusted with both of them. They're dismissed until the four o'clock meeting back at the house. What? These guys are keeping bankers' hours now?

As Chandler leaves dejectedly, Heather slides up next to him and observes, "It's ironic, the storm rolls in, everything's trashed and yet we still end up together." No, Heather, that's not ironic. Ironic is when it rains on your wedding day, or a traffic jam when you're already late, or a no-smoking sign on your cigarette break. Jeez, ever take an English course?

Roll title sequence. Surprise -- there's a new title song, and I don't think it's the Sneaker Pimps. Wow, the new kid (whom we'll meet in a bit) is already listed in the credits. Looks like there's no musical guest tonight -- woohoo!

Spoke too soon. We're at the Pulse club, and it's daytime for a change. Some Chicago tribute band is in the midst of a rehearsal. Thankfully, it's short. The band takes five, and we truck on over to David and Jenny arguing. "Look," David starts off, "I was hired to manage the club, which means no looking over his shoulder." Have you ever held a job before? The two disagree over the kind of contract that this Air Supply wannabe band should be signed to. It appears civil until she jokingly threatens to fire him for subordination. Using a big word like "subordination" should have been the tip-off that she wasn't serious ["especially since she meant 'insubordination' in the first place" -- Sars], but David in return threatens to quit. Easy, big guy, she was only yanking your chain. "Haven't you ever seen a girl make a joke before?" Listen, Sheila, when Aussies joke, they joke hard. They agree to give the band a written contract, and that means that David gets to ask Jenny out. "You know what they say about fraternization in the work place," Jenny rhetorically asks. I know what they say about it: "Don't shit where you eat." It's so crude, but it makes me laugh every time. Interrupting all this flirting is Laurie -- again! Jenny forgot to pick her up for their lunch with Mom. Jenny begs off, as she's got so much to do. I guess the women's lounge is out of toilet paper. Laurie voices her concern over little sis. Is everything working out with David and the club? It sure is, assures Jenny, "We just closed a deal." That's right, a sex deal.

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