Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

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Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

Leo's sneaking out of the house with a $10 bill and a pack of gum that he borrowed from Gwen. She catches him and declares him ungrateful for all she's done for him. "Didn't you see Peter get wine thrown on him?" How's a growing boy ever supposed to recover from all of that? Furthermore, he won't let Gwen dress him up and parade him around like a monkey boy. Gwen suspects that he's afraid to be loved. Nobody will hurt him again, though, and that's a promise.

Finally, we're at the pool house. Chandler's getting ready for his date when Heather opens his back door and asks if he's got a towel for a stranger. This is the one time all evening that Heather actually looks attractive, you know, in a conventional kind of way. She's dressed in a gold bikini, and it appears that she accidentally spilled an entire bottle of baby oil all over herself. She can't resist knowing that Chandler is only twenty yards away. She keeps on getting closer to Chandler. He tries to protest, but he's having trouble with her tongue stuck in his throat. He can't resist. It's the damn baby oil. Chandler returns her kiss, and the two get all sloppy and slippery together.

Next week: Heather has sex with Chandler, David has sex with Jenny, Peter says something insulting, and it looks like Heather faints. I'm calling this as the way that Titans gets rid of Baby Chandler. Stay tuned!

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