Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

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Guess Who's Chumming For Dinner?

Before I begin this week's recap I would like to share a little tidbit from the Benzoate Family's road trip this past weekend. We spent the weekend at Mammoth Mountain, which is five hours northeast of Los Angeles. Along the way we passed by the Mojave Airbase, which is where Chandler allegedly landed his Air Force jet (remember, he was in the Navy) in the first episode. The Mrs. and I had a great time pronouncing it Moe-Jay-Ve rather than the proper Mo-Ha-Vee. What a hoot. Anyway, on with the show.

If you remember from last week, Peter lost his bid to veto the purchase of Dress2K, a wedding gift for his father's new bride.

We open up at WGE. They use the same shot for this every week, which involves a close-up on a sign for the company in front of a skyscraper. I'm going to try and locate the building itself and get a picture of me in front of it. Chandler flies out of the elevator in a rage. "Where is he? Where is that bastard?" Coincidentally, the maid...I mean, "Samantha" is right there. He's of course referring to Peter. Even after they agreed last week to let the purchase of Dress2K (we actually find out what it is this week, folks!) proceed as planned, he's stalling. Samantha senses that Peter resents the wedding gift Richard gave to his new bride. That's very perceptive, Sam -- do you also sense a million voices crying out from Alderaan (sorry, Star Wars reference). I know I sense about eight million viewers (and dwindling) slapping their hands to their foreheads and yelling "Duh" at their TV sets.

Peter's currently locked up in his office with orders not to disturb. Chandler couldn't care less. Even though there's a really good chance that the door is unlocked (he never checks), Chandler recalls some of his naval training and kicks the door open. Peter's asleep on the couch, and the noisy intrusion has not disturbed him at all. Luckily, there's a pitcher of water nearby, which Chandler dumps on his brother's head. "You idiot," shouts Peter, "somebody get me a towel!" Hey Samantha, you want to take care of that once you're done with the dishes? Chandler accuses Peter of delaying the transfer of funds to the company selling Dress2K. Peter, always a source of great metaphoric insults, puts Chandler in his place: "You're new on this riverboat, by stalling we might save some money, capisce?" Wait, I understood everything he said except for the part about catfish. Now I've tried this particular ploy with American Express, Burbank Power, and the Gas Company. They're obviously not savvy business people, because they always threaten to destroy my credit rating. Peter shouts again for a towel. Chandler whines like a pouty girlfriend, "We gave them our word, we signed papers!" On a fashion note, Chandler is dressed like a little boy with a powder-blue blazer over a slightly darker powder-blue shirt and a dark blue tie. Tee hee. Does wittle Chandler want his mommy? Eww, actually on this show he might.

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