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Previously on Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Subjected To The Confirmation Process: Josh tried to fill seats on the Sixth Circuit, but found that he had a bigger problem when a relatively young Supreme Court justice abruptly dropped dead.

"The Supremes," says the title card, and I could fill your head with a lot of "Baby Love" and "Stop! In the Name of Love" jokes throughout the recap, but I will sincerely try not to. No promises. We fade up on Donna, who is on the phone with Josh, running down a list of people who have called in the aftermath of Justice Brady's death. For some reason, her chirpy manner when she first starts talking makes me briefly think she is singing to Josh, but she isn't. As she drops the news that two archbishops have called, we cut to Josh, working his way through a crowd of people holding up signs that say, among other things, "KEEP ABORTION LEGAL" and "STOP ABORTION NOW." We are told that it is "Monday Morning." Oh, good gravy. Not this again. Josh marvels at all the people who are "up so early" that they have time to get out and protest in front of the White House, and Donna points out that people with big agendas "had sign-painting parties the second Justice Brady dropped dead." Probably true. Nothing keeps sign-painters in business like politically-motivated idiots. Donna tells Josh she has a new "list," and says that she's been told to burn the old one. Josh reads from a pamphlet he has been handed about the sacrifice of the unborn, and how people "beckon, arms akimbo, the Reaper, the Horseman, and the apocalyptic end." Of course, his only comment is that "'akimbo' is a word you wish got used more."

Josh walks inside, saying into the phone that someone outside is selling "Who Would Jesus Nominate?" t-shirts, but on his way in, he runs into Donna -- who's not listening to him on the phone anymore, evidently. They stop and look at each other for a second, and then she launches into the business about the development of the list. Frustrated, Josh takes what looks like a PDA/phone hybrid and snaps it shut. He hands Donna something, although I am too stupid to know what he's handing her, apparently. I am told it may be a muffin. Whether it is some sort of symbolic muffin, I am not sure. I'm not sure I'm always up on the symbolic language of bakery items. Josh quickly makes his way to an impromptu meeting in Leo's office with Toby and C.J. Apparently, Democratic leadership is talking to Jed, undoubtedly providing additional names for what will be known over and over again as the List. Toby says they've promised people a short List by the end of the week, so it's an all-out dash from now until then. Leo hands out lists of candidates that each of the staffers present is supposed to meet with. C.J. hands off to Toby a message from the ACLU about one of his assigned candidates, which is the show's way of expositing, more delicately than usual, that various groups are bringing up various issues about various candidates. See how that works? Josh asks about the absence of someone named "Haskins," and Leo says that Haskins is "having an affair with his clerk." Well, yeah, that's not good.

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