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Shout-out to JohnConstantine.

It's Election Night, 12:15 AM. Everyone's celebrating in the West Wing as the coverage of the election continues on television monitors -- to which no one is really paying much attention. The talking heads are discussing the distinct possibility of the late Horton Wilde winning the California 47th. The camera drifts gently around the room until we get a glimpse of Donna sitting in Toby's office, where the only light is coming from the bullpen and the televisions. Then we see Sam sprawled out on Toby's couch with a drink in his hand. He's telling Donna, "He said...what he said was this...he said, 'a probable impossibility is preferable to an improbable possibility.' The impossible is preferable to the improbable. What did he mean? He meant that it's okay to have a broomstick and sing and dance, but you shouldn't turn on the radio and hear the news report you need to hear." Donna's perched on the arm of a chair, with her chin in her hand, listening empathetically as Sam goes to the zoo. Donna: "Want some cake?" He doesn't. Well...what kind? Donna doesn't know: "Cake." Sam: "They have flavours." She really doesn't know. Sam: "It was a confluence of events that I'm saying, if you pitched it to a Hollywood movie producer, they'd tell you that Aristotle says, a probable impossibility is preferable to an improbable possibility." Yes, I'm almost certain that's what the average Hollywood producer would say. Especially Jerry Bruckheimer. Donna doesn't think so either, but says she sees Sam's point. Sam: "The Midwest, the RNC exits, a dead candidate...a rainstorm! It's Aristotle all over the place." Donna turns Toby's televisions off. She suggests he join the party, since everyone's asking for him. Sam: "You really don't know what kind of..." Donna: "It's cake! It's cake." Sam says that when he talked to Kay Wilde she had tears in her voice and that her husband loved POTUS: "Admired his integrity. Yes, we're big on integrity. By the way, when I said I'd run in his place, it's not like I meant it." Donna walks over to Sam, saying they should go to the party. She reaches down to take him by the hand; Sam dutifully raises his hand. But she doesn't just grasp his hand; she puts her hand about halfway down his forearm and slides it up to his hand until their hands are clasped, as she gently pulls him up and he allows himself to be pulled. It's not lewd at all, just a small, sweet, intimate thing. Why these two aren't seriously dating is just an enormous mystery to me. I know Sam would be worried about stepping all over Josh's toes, but frankly, if the situation were reversed, I doubt Josh would lose any sleep over it. Go for it, Sam. She convinces him that there are TVs everywhere, and that he'll know the minute they're ready to report the results. He says she's right.

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