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Previously on The West Wing: Toby danced the tarantella all over that line you're not supposed to cross with the President.

It's Friday, at 10:05 PM. Adam Arkin, reprising his role as Dr. Stanley Keyworth, waits in the lobby. Josh comes out and greets him. Stanley says he's fine. Josh takes Stanley's coat and briefcase to Josh's office. Stanley wonders whether he should go with Josh, but Josh says he'll be right back. He zips out to his office and returns. Stanley asks where they should go. Josh inquires as to whether Stanley's ever seen the White House. Stanley: "Just the little I saw when we talked last year." Josh instructs Stanley to follow him, as he points out the Communications bullpen, mentioning that it's where Toby Ziegler and Sam Seaborn work, and the rest of the Communications staff work in the OEOB. As Josh turns down a hallway, Sam is coming along. Josh: "And here comes the actual Sam Seaborn. What's going on?" Sam replies, "Leo's reading it, and we're going to send it in about ten, fifteen minutes, so Toby's banging around." Sam says he's banging around, too. Josh introduces Sam to Stanley. They shake hands, and Sam asks Stanley whether he saw anyone he knew on the plane. He didn't.

Sam takes off, and Josh continues the tour, pointing out Leo's office, and the fact that it has a private entrance to the Oval Office; Josh then leads Stanley toward the Oval Office. Stanley remarks that his driver asked him the same question -- whether he knew anyone on the plane. Josh and Stanley go into the Oval Office, and Josh says, "That's the Resolute Desk. It was built from timbers of the HMS Resolute and given to Rutherford Hayes ["ancestor of Ainsley?" -- Deborah] by Queen Victoria to thank the U.S. for finding the abandoned ship." Josh then says that they're going to go to the Residence, but that Josh is going to take Stanley through the portico. Stanley asks Josh if he wouldn't like to sit someplace and talk. Josh says yeah. Stanley asks, "Why the tour?" Josh asks if Stanley doesn't think it's interesting. Stanley claims it's fascinating, but.... Josh says that if anyone sees them, he wants it to look like he's giving Stanley a tour. Stanley's puzzled, but tags along as Josh goes outside onto the portico. Stanley asks, "Who built the White House?" Josh says it was designed by an Irish architect named James Hoban who won the job in an open competition: "And it was built largely by slaves." Imagine that. "They just found the pay receipts a few years ago," adds Josh. Stanley's confused: the slaves were paid? Josh clarifies that it was their owners who were paid. Naturally.

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