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Mandatory Minimums

Previously on The West Wing: Josh is crushing on Joey, who turns out to be sleeping with the noxious Al Kiefer; C.J. investigates rumours about a strategy memo that's circulating, which turns out to have been written by Mandy; Leo announces that he is a recovering drug and alcohol addict; President Bartlet wants to name a couple of people to the FEC to fill some recently opened seats; a senator's aide (?) threatens to repay the Bartlet administration tenfold if they proceed with their FEC choices.

It's the Sheraton Centre Hotel, Washington, D.C., where, according to the titles, the Americans apparently spell "Centre" the British/Canadian way. I'm surprised. (Strega: Is that actually right?) ["I couldn't find any such place, but it's possible, since it's such a cosmopolitan town. Or maybe 'affected' would be a better word?" -- Strega] Jed's wearing a tux and making a speech to a large and supportive crowd. Staffers are lurking around by the monitors, watching. He's sarcastically asserting that they better have mandatory sentences, because judges can't be trusted to dispense justice, and we better have term limits, because voters can't be trusted to recognize corruption, etc. Jed adds, "When the playing field is leveled and the process is fair and open, it turns out we have term limits: they're called elections." The crowd applauds and cheers. C.J., wearing a soft gold dress & jacket in a nice change from the grey and white she's usually sporting, is hanging out with the press corps and bantering with the reporters, while studiously ignoring Danny. She announces, "In a moment the President's going to say something that's sure to get you all shouting my name at once. There'll be a full briefing tonight at the White House." As she's circulating around the room, Danny sidles up and tries to speak with her but she breezily cuts him off by saying, "You don't want to miss this." As she strides out of the room, a reporter asks her what's going on. She replies, "The President's throwing his cap over the wall." He wants to know what that means; as she leaves the room she calls over her shoulder that he's about to find out.

At the podium, Jed's relating one of his many little homilies; this one is courtesy of his father. Long homily short: two Irish lads run into a high, apparently unscalable brick wall in their journey; thus they throw their hats over the wall so that they have no choice but to follow. (Seems to me if you could throw hats, most of which don't have the aerodynamics of Frisbees, over the wall, you could probably climb over too, but what do I know? I'm not even Irish.)

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