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This Is The Dawning of the Age of Sagittarius

Previously on The West Wing: Something with Oliver Babish that I missed because my cable cut out for a moment; Leo wonders what kind of poll they can do that won't give the whole game away; Josh speaks to Joey about the poll they need her to do; C.J. tells FLOTUS that she once saw her giving POTUS an injection; a Justice Department rep asks Josh for more money to fight Big Tobacco; Josh worries that the public's reaction to Bartlet's news will mirror their reaction to the fraud perpetrated by the tobacco companies.

It's 1:20 AM. Jed and Leo are walking onto the patio outside the Oval Office. Jed's bugged about Joey Lucas knowing about the situation. He's worried about whether Josh explained it to her on the phone; Leo tells him Josh explained it at the airport, but got her to come out on the pretext that they wanted to do a poll on subsurface agriculture. Jed: "What the hell is that?" Jed must be preoccupied; it's just the sort of fact I would expect him to know. As they enter the office, Leo explains that it refers to vegetables that grow underground: "He told her she was coming out here to find out if Americans were eating more beets." (Thanks to the person who reminded us in the forums that this is a shout-out to Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury; all through last week's recap I was convinced I'd heard this line somewhere before but couldn't place it.) Jed wonders if this is a joke. Leo replies, "It was Josh, Mr. President. It was a job done well. You want to start not trusting Josh?" For some reason, "job done well" sounds so odd compared to "job well done." He then says, "Let's go." Jed asks where they're going. Apparently, Leo's arranged a meeting in the basement with senior staff. It's in the basement because he doesn't like the way it looks for the seven of them to be meeting in the middle of the night. With the hours they keep, who'd even notice? Jed asks, "You like the way it looks if we're meeting in the basement?" They take off for the basement.

An elevator opens in the basement (and for some reason, I feel like it's the first time I've seen an elevator in the White House on this show; can that be?) and Sam and Toby get out. Sam's complaining that Joey's numbers are going to be meaningless. Maybe a bit of wishful thinking, Sam? He gripes about the ruse of a "governor from an industrial state" and insists that the question is being asked of people with no education on the problem. He adds that there's no way to factor in the existing amount of trust people may have in Bartlet. Toby more or less agrees with Sam's points. As they reach the door of the meeting room, there's a Secret Service dude there. Toby says the password: "Sagittarius."

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