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They travel down the road with mixed emotions, until the hose on the camper finally breaks. He needed the one from the van that Merle took. Darryl and Shane head off down the road to a gas station. Jacqui says that Jim's getting worse, so Rick goes in to tell him that they'll be driving again soon and to hang tight. Yeah, that's not what he wants, not that Rick cares at all about other people's opinions ever. Jim says that the driving is causing him excruciating pain, and he just wants to be left on the side of the road to die.

Rick comes out of the camper to tell everyone what Jim said. Dale basically says that they should have asked him his opinion in the first place. So against Shane and Rick's self-righteous principles, they leave him by yet another tree to die. Rick tries to give him a gun in case he wants to kill himself, but Jim the martyr would rather that the Camp Terror residents have the weapon. Plus, I think maybe he's looking forward to being a zombie so he can kill Rick. Or maybe that's just me. Might be just me, because all of a sudden Darryl is looking oddly sensitive and... somewhat attractive? This show has warped my brain.

We return to a completely different show, but hey, you won't see me complaining. I'm still waiting for the all-Merle show. Or the Darryl/Glennn buddy crimefighting show. Either way. For the time being we're blissfully separated from the Camp Terror crew, and we're shown a video recording by "Wildfire MSB3417 Active." He says it is 194 days since Wildfire was declared, and 63 days since it went global. That doesn't sound promising for Morales' family in Birmingham, but still, better than being with the Camp Terror crew.

Dr. Jenner says that he's been shutting down various parts of the CDC to save power. He's made no progress on a cure. He's not sleeping and he's kind of going crazy. He does seem to be trying to stick to a routine, even though he's apparently all alone. He puts on his biohazard suit, goes into a lab, cuts up some zombie flesh, dozes off, plays with a centrifuge, looks at mutating cells under microscopes and accidentally knocks over a toxic test tube into the zombie flesh, and he has to go into a decontamination chamber and watch as all his work actually goes up in flames. He screams in frustration.

In the next transmission we see him drinking some wine and complaining that the only good samples he had are now gone. He then starts to question why he's even sending the missives, as everyone is probably dead. Still, he tells the computer that he's going to get drunk and tomorrow he's going to kill himself. Then we see a big wide shot of the empty rows and rows of desks. I'd go crazy, too.

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