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Darryl wants to put a pickax in his head... and Amy's. When Rick wonders if that's what Darryl would want if roles were reversed, he says "Yeah, and I'd thank you while you did it." I'm kind of loving Darryl right now. Perhaps because he's the only actor (aside from my sweet Glennn, of course) who can convincingly deliver any emotions. Sure that emotion is all anger, but you've got to admit he makes some sense, and his dialogue isn't all crappy-sappy. Points for the violent jerk! Making me feel better about liking Darryl is Dale, who says that their bloodthirsty zero-tolerance-touting resident actually makes some sense. Rick doesn't think this is a road they should go down, and thinks they should seek out some help... in the form of the CDC. He says they were supposedly working on a cure. Shane doesn't believe that they exist, and thinks that their best bet isn't the CDC, but the Army base 100 miles away that would be heavily armed and offer them protection.

Darryl doesn't care for all this talking-talk and tries to kill Jim. Rick and Shane stop him. Man. Don't they realize they're just prolonging the inevitable? And could they listen to the majority once in a while? God, I hate Rick and Shane.

Dale goes over to Andrea to pay his respects. They have a long and really dull conversation where he talks about his wife dying of cancer and his issues with it. Then she explains that she has guilt because she always missed her sister's birthday. He says that these girls are like his daughters. Cloying. I kind of wish I was dead like Amy during this scene. Especially since the whole scene amounts to nothing, as she still refuses to let her sister's brain get smashed in. Oh, and she finally puts the mermaid necklace around her neck. Ugh. Any goodwill I had towards Andrea at the beginning of this episode has diminished entirely.

Carol, on the other hand? She takes that pickax from Darryl and starts going to town on her dead abusive husband's brains. Maybe she's a little overzealous, but he had it coming. As I mentioned in the recaplet, the director clearly loved this scene, too, as they angled the camera to best show off all of the blood and brain matter spattering.

Amy starts breathing and twitching, and instead of running like a normal person, Andrea just sits there rubbing her face and trying to comfort her on her re-birthday. What the hell kind of idiot is she? Anyway, after Amy starts clawing at her face and hair, Andrea finally nuts up, takes her pistol out and shoots her in the brain. Like that won't draw unwanted attention from other walkers in the area. Whatever. At least Amy is really dead this time. Can we forget that she ever existed now? Great, thanks. Moving on.

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