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At the crack of dawn, Rick sits in a field, looks at Atlanta and makes a walkie-talkie call to Morgan. Good thing that his trip to the city at least yielded something, though it remains to be seen if we'll ever see poor Morgan again. Maybe he's better off holed up in his house with his kid staring at his zombified wife than stuck with the Camp Terror crew. I'd pick zombie wife over Shane any day. Rick blathers on about his good fortune of finding his family. Yeah, yeah, quit your bragging. He does at least tell Morgan that the walkers have infested Atlanta, but I'm thinking that Morgan would be smart enough to see all the abandoned cars headed out of town and figure this out for himself instead of riding in on his high horse like some people.

Andrea sits holding the hand of Amy's dead, not-yet-re-alive corpse, while Lori asks if they can take the body to dispose of it somewhat humanely. Andrea ignores her. Hey, that's one more thing that Andrea and I have in common: I like to ignore Lori, too.

Darryl's having a grand old time with a pickax and the dead walkers' skulls. Rick tells Shane and Lori that he'll go talk to Andrea and just explain why they need to smash her dead sister's skull in. Only she's not having it. The second he walks over in his condescending way, she pulls out her pistol and aims it at his head, reminding him that she now knows how to turn the safety off. She wants to kill Rick, too? Andrea might be my hero right now, even if she is miserable about the death of her whiny sister.

Darryl thinks that he can take his arrow and shoot Amy in the brain from a distance, before she gets all reanimated and tears through camp. When he's shot down, he goes to help Morales with some corpses. They start dragging a nameless member of Camp Terror towards the burning pyre, and my sweet Glennn says that they bury the members of their camp instead of burning them. It's kind of annoying, but it's all my sweet Glennn gets to do all episode, so I hate to complain. Darryl reluctantly agrees to do as the majority asks, but calls bullshit on this, as they did leave his brother for dead. Where's Merle? I sorta miss his racist, belligerent ways.

Jim staggers over to Jacqui, who notices that he's bleeding. She wants to know if he was bit or otherwise injured. He denies it, only calling it a little scratch, but Jacqui tells everyone that a walker bit him. He's soon surrounded by the weapon-wielding men of the camp. He grabs a shovel, but T-Dog grabs him and Darryl lifts his shirt and they see a big old bite mark on his torso. Aw, poor creepy Jim. I sorta tolerated you.

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