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Previously: Everyone decided to go to Atlanta to escape from the zombies, but it turns out that the CDC was the worst place to be. Thankfully, a nutjob there blew the building up and tried (but failed) to kill the little ragtag group of survivors that we're following.

It's apparently the morning after the big CDC explosion and Rick is back on the walkie-talkie trying to get a message to Morgan. I refuse to weecap the stilted monologue that's being terribly delivered by Rick, as it's all exposition about what happened before and we already know all of that. And these Rick Recaps are likely even annoying to Morgan, who would maybe just like Rick and company to stay in one place so he can catch up (if he's even following him) instead of listening in on Rick's feelings about a group of people who are total strangers to Morgan. Just because the walkie-talkie is a one-way device, doesn't mean that it's a free confessional. And if someone other than Morgan is on the other end, I really feel bad for that person. Oh, and Morgan's kid. Does he have to listen to this inane babble every morning? If anything, it might convince me not to join up with Rick, who can't seem to keep all of his people safe from the zombies anyway.

The next destination is Fort Benning, which is over 100 miles outside of Atlanta. While they are packing up, Shane watches Rick and Lori kiss and looks awfully sad. At the end of Rick's speech to Morgan, he tells him to stay off the road and stay safe... and then immediately starts driving on the road with his crew. Also, there are plenty of Walkers in the woods, so it doesn't seem like entirely sound advice.

In the car with Rick, Carl, Sophia and Carol, Lori starts reminiscing about a trip to the Grand Canyon that she and Rick tried to take when Carl was just an infant (because I'm sure a baby would appreciate the scenic vistas). Apparently, young Carl started puking all over the place and they had to turn around in Fort Worth and never made it to the Grand Canyon. But they still remember the trip fondly. Carl says he'd like to see the Grand Canyon (now that he's old enough to appreciate its stunning beauty... though it is probably covered with flesh-eating monsters) and his parents promise him they'll take him. And then awkwardly tell Sophia and Carol that they are part of the family now and can come too. I'm sure they feel just so included.

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