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This episode doesn't open on the chilling image of Merle's chopped off hand that we left off with last week. Instead, we see the beautiful, ocean-like water of the quarry with Amy and Andrea in a canoe with a little umbrella. It looks like Jane Austen instead of a zombie-infested Atlanta suburb. Anyway, the annoying sisters are fishing and Andrea doesn't understand why their dear old dad didn't teach her how to tie proper fishing knots. Then they talk about the different kinds of lures that their dad taught them, and how when dad fished with Andrea it was about catching food and with Amy it was about catching and releasing. Apparently the girls are 12 years apart, and their father realized they were very different people, so he taught them completely differently. This conversation is annoying and pointless, and stupid Amy is crying again. And now Andrea is crying. And they worry about scaring the fish, and wonder if Florida has less zombies. The fish aren't scared of the tears, as Amy gets a nibble.

Dale watches them from his RV perch. Seriously, I haven't seen so many shots of an RV since the good old days of Trapper John, M.D.. Dale's also able to see Jim digging giant holes.

We're back in Atlanta, up on the roof with the boys. Darryl points his crossbow at T-Dog, which prompts He's the Sheriff to turn his gun on Darryl. Their standoff is short-lived, and Darryl takes a bandana from T-Dog to wrap up Merle's hand, which he then puts in Glennn's backpack. Poor Glennn. Darryl thinks that his brother must have used a tourniquet, otherwise there would have been a much larger blood trail, and T-Dog picks up the tools. At least Dale will be happy.

Back at Camp Terror, Jim is still digging and Dale wants to know why. He's worried that Jim will get heatstroke, and offers him some water. Jim's not talking. Just digging.

In an office in the department store, the boys come across a walker, and then some dead walkers who look to have been taken out by Merle, one-handed at that. Darryl seems dutifully impressed by his brother's ingenuity.

The girls come back from their fishing expedition with dozens of fish, and everyone is quite happy. Amy does an annoying little dance. Amy agrees to teach Carl to fish, they ask Dale about his line reels, but he's more concerned about Jim.

Darryl keeps yelling through the building and Rick has to remind him that they are not alone. They pass a kitchen, where a very resourceful Merle has apparently cauterized his own chopped off hand. Then they find a broken window that apparently proves he took off out of the building. T-Dog wonders about his odds, but Darryl thinks that's not much better than being handcuffed to a roof. He wants to go after his brother, but Rick stops him. He wants them to keep it together, get the guns and then go hunting for Merle. Seems to me that Merle's doing just fine out on his own.

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