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Glenn is still single-mindedly leading his group in search of Maggie, down the tracks to Terminus. Behind him, Eugene has come over all garrulous -- not to mention Southern -- and is holding forth to Tara about how the zombie plague might also have killed off the dinosaurs. "Do I believe that's what happened? No. But it's enjoyable as hell to think about an undead ankylosaur going after a diplodocus. That there's a video game worth a pre-order." He keeps rattling on when she finds a coin along the track bed, which he says he knows how to turn into a battery. She ends up giving it to him, because it's not like she's going to run her iPad with it. Hey, Eugene, not for nothing, but if you're scavenging components for homemade portable power off the track bed, what have you been running your sat phone with?

That night, Abraham sits up on guard duty with Tara. He suggests she take some sleep, since he hasn't seen her do it yet. At first he thought it was because she was in love with Glenn, until he caught her ogling Rosita. "Hey, the things are damn near hypnotic," he chuckles, not offended at all. His alternate theory is that Tara's driven by guilt, over something she did or didn't do. "Something I did," she says, not that he asked. She says both of them have their missions, but wonders what happens when the mission is over. Abraham doesn't seem to have an answer for that.

The next morning, Eugene is still yammering at Tara about the coin they found when suddenly something up ahead catches their eye. It's another ad for Terminus, but this one has been annotated with one of those notes that Maggie's been leaving in zombie blood -- as well as the names of Sasha and Bob. Glenn just starts running full speed down the tracks by himself, grinning like a moron. This is the first confirmation he's gotten that Maggie is alive, remember, so the only reasonable course of action is to sprint for miles in full riot gear until he has a heart attack.

The nasty gang that Daryl sort of joined a couple of weeks ago is sacked out in the woods, sans Daryl. Their morning wakeup call comes in the form of a zombie that comes out of the woods and rakes its rotting face open on the barbed-wire alarm system they've strung around themselves. One of the men takes it out with a businesslike bayonet stab, and another one -- the one who got choked out before Rick's eyes while Rick was hiding under the bed -- sits up and notices Daryl's absence. The guy in the hoodie who claimed Daryl's vest a couple of weeks ago says Daryl's stuff is still there, so he's probably off taking a crap. Right gentlemanly of Daryl, considering his present company.

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