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Stranger Danger

We open on Lori's flipped car; her head is all smashed up and there's a zombie trying to get at her. That's the best thing I've seen on this show in a long time. Naturally she survives, but she's pretty good at killing zombies, since it doesn't involve her actually having to speak. Eventually, everyone realizes that she's missing and Shane goes after her, finds her and then lies to her that Rick is back. Such a functional relationship. He also mentions that she's pregnant in front of everyone at the farm, which goes over about as well as you'd expect. Carl has that hat on and the strings are really shiny gold and distracting in a way that I never noticed when Rick wore the hat. Meanwhile Lori's trying to have a serious discussion about babies.

Back to ye olde watering hole where Rick's just finished killing some strangers. Glenn and Hershel are shell-shocked, but they both nod that he did the right thing. People come looking for Dave and Tony, and Rick moronically tells them that he killed them. Unsurprisingly, this doesn't go over very well. Hershel has to shoot a guy -- he doesn't die, but walkers quickly take care of that and eat him alive. It's pretty great. There's another kid named Randall who jumps off a roof and lands on a wrought iron fence and they decide -- even though he was shooting at them -- to rip his leg off the fence and bring him back to the farm.

Once the boys get back to the farm, everyone freaks out about Randall and his cronies, who may come looking for him. Shane and Hershel have the same fight they've been having for weeks (or however long this has been). Rick and Lori talk about Shane and his crazypants ways and how she's worried that Shane might kill him out of some misguided idea that he's protecting Lori. And it finally clicks with Rick that his best friend might be a total selfish dick. Took him long enough.

Elsewhere on the farm, Daryl's decided to hang some animal corpses from the tree (and his ear), which seems like it would attract walkers, but no one points that out. Carol tries to help him, and he says some really hateful things to her about Sophia. Maggie tells a boring story about being on the pill, and then Glenn talks to her about him being weak and then Maggie has a boring fight with Hershel about drinking. Maggie really sucked the life out of this week's episode, to say the least. Shane and Andrea talk about being the only smart ones who understand the danger of starting a war with other survivors. And they may actually have somewhat of a point. But watching them talk is pretty painful. Too bad the first half of the episode was exciting and terrific and the latter half was so talk-heavy. A little more balance would go along way to keeping me engaged late on a Sunday night.

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