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Out by the inner fence, Rick has apparently just told Hershel and Daryl his plan to turn over Michonne to the Governor and tell the others later, after it's too late to do anything about it. Daryl doesn't like it, especially the part where they're going to have to trick Michonne into coming with them; "Just ain't honest, man," he grumbles. Rick says no one else dies if they do this, so Daryl reluctantly agrees. Rick says they'll need someone else, and Daryl offers to recruit Merle, or at least help Rick do it, but Rick insists on doing it alone.

Inside the otherwise empty cell block, Rick finds Merle shredding mattresses on the upper level and strewing the wreckage all over. Looking for drugs, of course. "This place must have been no fun at all," he's finally forced to conclude. After Rick offers Merle a little unsolicited therapy in the form of asking Merle whether even he knows why he does stuff, Rick asks for Merle's help with Michonne, and with keeping it quiet. Merle sarcastically says he's honored to be in the inner circle, and then drops some Gubernatorial knowledge on Rick, telling him that his old boss used to bash skulls and cut throats, claiming he didn't want to waste bullets. As for Michonne, "He ain't gonna kill her, you know. He's just gonna do things to her. Probably take out one of her eyes .Both of them, most likely. You'd let that happen for a shot? You're cold as ice, Officer Friendly." But he's not about to try to talk him out of it, either. He tells Rick he'll need wire rather than rope that Michonne can chew through, and admits that Rick is right. "I'm a damn mystery to me." Poor Michael Rooker, having to ask the director his motivation every week and being told, "The hell if you know, nutbar." He steps out of the shadows and adds, "And I know you, Rick. Yeah, I thought a lot about you. You ain't got the spine for it." Rick says they have until noon, and goes off to leave Merle looking evil on his own.

Rick rushes outside to see his people carrying out a minor tactical operation in the outer yard. Carl and Maggie are busy making noise in the dog run, trying to attract as many of the walkers as they can. Meanwhile, Hershel drives the pickup into the yard, and Daryl and Glenn unload a big coil of concertina wire nailed to a spiked plank while Michonne slashes a few walker skulls on her way to meet them for the ride back. Hershel drives the pickup on in through the inner gate, which Rick opens. Apparently this was all to prevent the Governor from driving up to the gate again and risking severe tire damage -- Michonne's idea. Michonne says they don't have to win, just make themselves more trouble than they're worth. Yeah, considering what the Governor went through last week to get Andrea, they're going to add a lot more layers of trouble. Carl & Maggie join them and they all head inside, Daryl staring guilt-beams at Rick.

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