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So Much for Safety in Numbers

Hershel examines Glenn's wounds in one of the cells and comments on his injuries. "Courtesy of Daryl's brother," Glenn says bitterly. Maggie hovers briefly in the doorway, and Glenn just glares at her until she moves on. "You two all right?" Hershel asks, and thanks Glenn for looking out for her when there's no answer from him. Leaving to go check on her, he adds, "If anything worse than this had happened to you? You're like my own son, Glenn." A pissy, grouchy son as of today.

Hershel moves on to Maggie in a different cell and invites her to go see for herself that Glenn is all right. "You two seem to be holding something back," he obviouses into the increasingly oppressive silence. When he asks what happened, there's still nothing forthcoming from her. She doesn't seem to be willing to open her mouth even to eat. "Hey, don't disappear on me," he says, and hugs her comfortingly. But secretly Scott Wilson is hoping they stay mad at each other so he can continue to have all the lines in scenes like this.

That evening, it's dark in the cell block as Rich watches Hershel check on Michonne, who's crashed out in one of the cells. "You look pretty shot yourself," he observes to Rick. Rick just wants to know how soon Michonne can be out of there and Hershel gives her a couple of days. As Hershel crutches out of the cell, Rick locks her in there. At the other end of the block, Carol offers Axel some comfort over the loss of his friend Oscar. "He went out fighting," Rick assures Axel as the rest of the group congregates at that end of the block. They move on to the subject of the Governor. "We could use some reinforcements," Hershel points out. Rick takes a look at the gate to the room beyond.

And then he leads the entire rest of the group -- Hershel, Carl, Glenn, Carol, Beth with the baby, Maggie and Axel into the anteroom. He faces Tyreese, who introduces himself and extends his hand. Rick ignores that and just glares coldly into Tyreese's face while Hershel introduces the rest of Tyreese's group. Rick quizzes Tyreese on how they got in and hears for the first time about how they lost someone getting in and how Carl brought them here. That last factoid makes him pretty snippy, until Hershel puts in, "He had no choice." Rick seems to accept that. Tyreese tells Rick that he and his group can get their own food and stay out of the way. "You got a problem with another group, we'll help with that, too. Anything to contribute." Rick can't maintain the full Manson lamps in the face of that simple appeal, but he mutters, "No." Sasha begs, but Rick doesn't budge. Hershel says they should talk about this, but Rick shoots it down. "We've been through this with Tomas and Andrew. Look what happened." Carol defends Axel and Oscar. "Where's Oscar now?" Rick snaps, and tells Tyreese he can't be responsible. "You turn us out, you are responsible," Tyreese says, sounding like Rick talking to Hershel during the entire second season. Hershel asks Rick for a sidebar. He quietly tells Rick that he's done so much for them and they owe him their lives, "And I'm telling you, you're wrong on this. You've got to start giving people a chance." Rick seems to consider it and after a weary face-palm, he seems ready to give in, even giving Hershel a grateful clap on the shoulder for straightening him out. It's all going to be okay.

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