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So Much for Safety in Numbers

Inside the prison, Hershel's surviving daughters reunite, and Beth even gives Rick a hug and a kiss as he joins them. The rest of them (including Carol and Carl) head on inside so Hershel can give Rick a report. "He came through, like always," is Hershel's lede, presumably referring to Carl. Hershel asks Rick about their new enemy. Rick describes the scene at the arena and asks, "What kind of sick mind does that?" Rick sees that something's still bothering Hershel and it's not the baby.

Carl is standing guard over the newcomers in the anteroom, his handgun with the giant silencer in his lap while he stares at them like a cold-eyed killer, but with a stupid hat on. In comes Rick with Hershel nimbly hopping down the stairs behind them. Both of them head on into the cell block without a word, Carl following. "Not exactly a chatterbox, is he?" Alan. Tyreese tells him to be patient, and "Let me do the talking." That seems wise.

Inside Block C, Rick takes the baby from Beth and she immediately starts crying. Smart kid. Listening to her wailing, Rick quickly goes into a fugue state and starts looking around desperately for someone to hand her back off to. Glad to see he's getting his dysfunctional relationship off to an earlier start with this one.

Milton and Andrea head out onto the street to try to address the restive crowd themselves. Milton claims it's all taken care of and makes excuses for the Governor's conditions. This doesn't seem to be calming anyone down, so Andrea takes over and makes her own lame version of an inspirational speech about strength and rebuilding. It's transparently ridiculous, of course, no less hackneyed than any of the absurd speeches Jeff Winger gives on Community. However, it works equally well and soon everyone is smiling and hugging because Andrea made it all better. The Governor has been watching this all from his window above, an inscrutable look in his remaining eye.

Carol and Beth bond a little over the baby. "She wouldn't have made it if Daryl hadn't been here," Beth says. "He couldn't stand to lose anyone else." Beth doesn't get why Daryl left for Merle, but Carol thinks she does: "Men like Merle get into your head," Carol says. "Make you feel like you deserve the abuse." She says she'd like to think she'd tell Ed to go to hell if he showed up here alive, but even now she's not sure. "We're weak without him," Beth says, meaning Daryl. And she was right about the farm, so they should probably listen to her. Carol points out that they'll get through this too, maybe with the help of Tyreese and his friends. She even tells Beth not to be mad at Daryl for leaving. "Daryl has his code. This world needs men like that." Beth hands the baby to her and they put her in her new bassinette: a mail bin that has sweetly labeled "Lil Asskicker."

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