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So Much for Safety in Numbers

Andrea comes out of Woodbury's makeshift hospital (with nine people apparently hurt inside) and meets Milton outside. He tells her the Governor's holed up in his apartment and won't come out. Meanwhile, out on the street, people are trying to leave, crowding up against the wall and driving overloaded cars right up to the barricade. The guards have turned their weapons inward against the growing mob, one of whom gets kicked to the ground. While the guards turn around to deal with a half-dozen walkers approaching from without, Andrea tries to calm down the situation, but it's rapidly escalating, with car horns blaring and guards getting increasingly threatening with their guns. But it all becomes moot as -- up the street -- a couple of zombies are attacking in the middle of the main street in broad daylight. Andrea and one of the guards run up and take out the walkers, but it's too late for their victims. Including the one who's still alive, lying helplessly on the ground. The crowd gathers around Andrea while she's standing over him, and a woman begs Andrea to help him. She just stands there, until the Governor comes out, puts a bullet in his brain and turns back around to go right back inside. Like he was just coming out to get the paper. Of course, there are no papers in Woodbury, but if there were any, today they would consist in their entirety of a banner headline screaming, "WE'RE FUCKED!"

Back at the prison, Carl and Carol are still hanging out at that guard tower. Carol delivers an unsolicited lecture about how noisy the world used to be and how much she misses it now. Carl, meanwhile, is thinking about how mean he used to be to his mom. Cheer up, kid, Maggie's the once who sliced her open. Before this can get too maudlin, the Hyundai pulls into view and they hurry to open the gates for it. Rick gets out just inside the outer one and tells them to drive on ahead and he and Carl hug happily. Carol, though, is upset to see Daryl missing. Rick hastily explains that he's alive, but went off with his brother. She's pretty wounded -- not to say in denial -- about his not coming back. "And Oscar?" Carl asks. Nice of someone to remember. He closes the inner gate while Rick hugs Carol. You know, they had to know that not everybody was going to be returning from this rescue mission. Otherwise how did they expect to bring back six people in a car that seats four?

Andrea storms into the Governor's apartment to yell at him, saying he needs to talk to his people before they panic and knock down the gates. "So let 'em," the Governor says, saying he's done taking care of everyone. While he goes through his weapons stash, Andrea asks about Daryl and why he was here. "He came for his friends," the Governor says. "The other people you know. Glenn, and Maggie? Mere's scooped them up on the run. Was holding them to find out where his brother was." Considering the pains the Governor went through to keep Andrea in the dark on this, he seems pretty unrepentant about it now. Perhaps, as is common with a maiming injury, he's already developed some better perspective to make up for his sudden lack of depth perception. "My friends are still alive and we're shooting at each other?" Andrea says. If Daryl were here he'd ask, "What else is new?" Actually, what's funny about that is that as of last night, when she was firing blindly into the smoke-filled streets, the "we" she's using isn't even metaphorical. The Governor says her friends killed six people and rattles off their names like an actual leader. "That man out there, Rich Foster, he makes seven. So that, that's what your friends did." Andrea is pretty disgusted at him for keeping his prisoners a secret during all their fucking. "You're just a visitor here. Just passing through. So why should I tell you?" he asks coldly. Right here is where a normal person would be done with his ass and feel great about it, but stupid Andrea tells him not to drive her out, as though that's not the best thing for her right now and forever. Milton comes into warn the Governor that things are about to get ugly again, but the Governor just keeps doing whatever he's doing, which isn't much.

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