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So Much for Safety in Numbers

Out on the road, Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Maggie are debating their next move. Daryl is arguing that Merle could be useful, with his knowledge of how the Governor thinks, but Rick, Maggie and Glenn are understandably opposed. "So you're gonna cut Merle loose and bring the last samurai home with us?" Daryl complains, indicating Michonne. Rick doesn't want to bring Michonne back either, but Maggie and Glenn argue that she's wounded and helped them get in. Merle agrees with Rick that they don't know anything about Michonne, "But Merle... Merle's blood." The others argue that their family is here and at the prison and that Daryl's part of it. "And he's not," Rick concludes. Daryl stops arguing the point and gives in, but it's not what you think: "We'll fend for ourselves," he says. Glenn and Maggie and then Rick try to talk him down, but he refuses to leave Merle. "I already did that once." Even when Rick reminds him that some shit got started last night and they're going to need him, Daryl insists, "No him, no me." Even so, he leaves amicably, telling Rick to take care of himself and his kids. He disappears into the woods with a smug-looking Merle. Rick throws the rest of their stuff back into the car, telling Michonne, "We patch you up and then you are gone." Michonne nods, because as bad-ass as she is, she's still smart enough to recognize No Mood when she sees it.

Tyreese and his group are carrying Donna's shrouded body out to the courtyard to add her graves to those of the others. Putting her down to take a break, Alan spots Carl and Carol pacing outside one of the guard towers and declares it a "golden opportunity." To overpower them and take their weapons, that is. He figures a kid and a woman will be easy targets, apparently forgetting that this was the same kid who just saved their asses mere hours ago. Tyreese and Sasha are horrified, but Alan and Ben argue that its survival of the fittest now. So the Ricks and the Shanes are evenly matched in this group. They're still arguing when Beth and Axel come out of the prison -- oblivious to their discussion -- to lend them a pickaxe and shovel. Tyreese and Sasha quickly step in front of Ben and Alan to take the tools before they can and there's a long, awkward moment before Axel and Beth head back inside. The tools in hand, Sasha and Tyreese stare down their soon-to-be-former compatriots.

The Hyundai has reached a spot where the road is blocked by a fallen tree and a wrecked pickup. Rick assigns Glenn to deal with the vehicle's breaks, because he's still all weak from his ordeal. As we see when Glenn opens the truck's door to find a zombie slavering at him, Grand Theft Autos the ghoul out of there and stomps its skull into pulp on the pavement before either Rick or Maggie can make a move. Glad you're feeling better, Glenn! But Rick looks at Glenn like it's time for him to talk about his feelings now. "You didn't kill him," Glenn complains, looking betrayed. "That's not why we went back," Rick reminds him. Glenn agrees: "That's right, you went back for Daryl, and now he's gone again and the Governor is still alive." Glenn wishes he'd been there and is angry at Rick for taking his girlfriend with him. There's some more yelling, but Glenn is still disgusted at how Daryl took off after all the risks they took. Rick asks Glenn what he wants from him, Maggie says they should get going and talk it out later. Glenn says they can talk because he's done. Yeah, what does she think this is -- Season 2? At this point, the walker sloping up the road toward them from a hundred yards away barely registers as backdrop.

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