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So Much for Safety in Numbers

Rick, Maggie, Daryl and Merle make it to the wall together. Merle tries to lead them away from the crowd at the arena, but Rick isn't ready to make nice yet. "You really wanna do this now?" Merle yells before hacking through the wall at ground level while Rick, Maggie and Daryl cover the still-empty approach from the street inside town. Soon all four of them are in the street just outside the wall and after killing just a few zombies, Merle screams, "We ain't got time for this!" "Let's go!" Daryl agrees. They run for cover outside the wall while the first of presumably many walkers peels aside a chunk of wall Merle left hanging and peers inside. So that's just about the end of Woodbury, right?

Early the next morning, Glenn and Michonne -- the two most battered members of Rick's party -- are hanging out by the car. The other four come out of the woods and Glenn's pretty relieved to see Rick. He can't say the same for Merle, though. In fact, both Glenn and Michonne draw their weapons on him, forcing Rick and Maggie and Daryl to stand between them and try to cool things down. Eventually the weapons are lowered, but there's still plenty of tension, especially when Merle tells Michonne that the Governor's "been puttin' the wood to your girlfriend Andrea, big time baby." Michonne raises the sword again and Rick angrily yells at her to drop it, though she doesn't obey this time any more than she did the first time. "You know Andrea?" Rick asks her. She's a little slow to answer, so Merle answers for her -- as grossly as possible -- and brings Rick into the loop on Michonne's former walker pets that she led around in chains. "Kind of ironic, now that I think about it." "Shut up, bro!" Daryl yells at the man who seems intent on being killed by the four people in the immediate vicinity who hate him. Merle teases Rick about his next move, now that he's surrounded by "liars, thugs and cowards." And that's just Merle. Daryl again yells at him to shut up. Merle screams it back at him until Rick pistol-whips him into unconsciousness. "Asshole," Daryl grunts. And I don't think he means Rick.

At the prison, Carl is supervising while Hershel attends to the wounds of Alan, one of the four new visitors. Hershel confesses to Tyreese that he was bit, but nobody pursues it any further because it's not like that would be an interesting conversation or anything. Beth comes in carrying baby Judith and if everyone but Carol and Axel is going to be in here with the newcomers anyway, I don't know why Carl is keeping them locked out of the cell block in the first place. The visitors are kind of amazed to see a baby and after some incorrect assumptions are made about her being Beth's, Sasha asks where the mother is. Carl's sad look is all the answer she gets... or needs. "Man, you people have been through the mill," Tyreese remarks. He adds that it's getting worse out there, "And it's only making the living less like the living." He tells Hershel about his neighbor Jerry, the doomsday prepper, whose shelter they stayed in until they ran out of food. Presumably Jerry didn't make it, because the whole point of preparing for the apocalypse is to get killed by the people who didn't, which is why I don't. Then they met Alan and Ben, the surviving father and son in the group, outside Jacksonville. That marked the genesis of a group whose numbers at one point peaked at 25. Then their camp was overrun a month and a half ago. Sounds familiar. I still say people who go camping during the zombie apocalypse deserve what they get. Especially people who camp in white pants under any circumstances, Amy. Hershel promises to make sure the recently departed compatriot Donna -- Alan's wife and Ben's mother -- will have a decent burial. They're all glad to have met some nice people and Tyreese says, apropos of nothing, "I must be the first brother in history to break into prison." Serving food around, Axel agrees, "Makes me the first white boy that didn't want to break out." Hershel mentions that his own group is larger than what Tyreese sees now, and close-knit. "I wouldn't get too comfortable here," he warns. Stumping out of the room, Hershel says it's not up to him, and Carl locks them back inside on their own.

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