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We Need to Talk About Lizzie

Later, Tyreese is holding Judith in the kitchen as Carol sits at the table. He tells her that he brought Lizzie some food and made sure her room was cleared of knives and what not. He also found the shoebox full of mice, and figured out that Lizzie was the one feeding the walkers at the prison. And, in case you forgot, Tyreese remembers finding the mutilated rabbit that also turns out to have been Lizzie's work, though at the time he thought that whoever had killed Karen and David was behind that too. And now he's thinking that Lizzie might have done that as well, although he doesn't see how she could have dragged their bodies outside. That's the only reason I never seriously believed Carol confessed to Rick in order to cover for Lizzie. Carol points out the even more obvious: "She would have let them turn. It wasn't her." Besides, she knows who killed them anyway, not that she's in a place yet where she's ready to share. Tyreese wonders what to do next, and Carol proposes leaving with Lizzie. "Can't sleep with her and Judith under the same roof." I wouldn't sleep with her and anyone under the same roof. Tyreese doesn't think Lizzie and Carol could make it, but Carol doesn't think Lizzie can be around other people. Tyreese suggests trying to help her, like there's still counseling after the zombie apocalypse, but Carol, with tears in her eyes, insists that this is how Lizzie is. "It was already there. I didn't see it." Tyreese actually asks, "How could you?" By, uh, looking? He suggests taking Judith instead. Carol says they won't make it either, and comes to the unavoidable conclusion: just as she said before, "She can't be around other people."

Carol leads Lizzie out to the edge of the woods, supposedly to pick some wildflowers to give Mika when she comes back. Lizzie just strolls along happily like the sororicidal little psychopath she is. From the window of the house, Tyreese watches them go. Lizzie points out the smoke and says the fire is still burning, but Carol says that the white smoke means it's out. Unfortunately the scientist of the group is no longer in the picture, so that's the last such handy little factoid they'll be getting. "You know everything, ma'am," Lizzie sucks up. Carol's thinking not so much, and Lizzie is suddenly upset, wondering why Carol is unhappy. "Are you mad at me? Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?" Weeping now, Lizzie apologizes…but for pointing her gun at Carol, not for murdering her sister. Carol says, "I love you, Lizzie. And everything works out the way it's supposed to." At least one of those statements has to be a lie. Lizzie stands in a patch of wildflowers crying and begging Carol not to be mad at her. As Mika did earlier, before Lizzie killed her, Carol tells her to look at the flowers. Carol stands behind Lizzie as she draws her revolver, cocks it, and finally fires. Tyreese saw that from the window as well. Carol heads back into the house, devastated, and spots a deer at the edge of the yard. She doesn't even bother. And the rest of the day is spent adding two small graves near the one that was already there.

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