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We Need to Talk About Lizzie

That night in the house, with everyone in roughly the same positions as the night before, Lizzie tells Carol that she had to help stop them, and she creepily adds that she knows what she has to do now. Rather than asking what that is, like any rookie suicide hotline operator should know, Carol just assumes that Lizzie's got her head on right and it'll be all better. She admits to Lizzie that "It's ugly and it's scary and it does change you. But that's how we get to be here. That's the cost. That's growing up now." Mika pipes up that she doesn't want to hurt anyone or be mean. Tyreese stirs in the easy chair where he's sleeping, and Carol observes that they have a lot of pecans. "Sick from them yet?" "Nope," Mika says. Soon they're ready to roast a pan of them in the oven. Yes, there is certainly no shortage of nuts around here.

Next day, Carol seems to be coming around to the idea of sticking around as she walks through the woods near the house with Tyreese. He says they could still go someday, but he's realizing that he's not ready to be around other people yet. He leans against a tree and says that he dreams about Karen and forgets she's dead every night. With her back to him, Carol looks pained at his recitation of the good dreams and the bad dreams, the latter including the ones where Karen is killed by a stranger. Carol might consider confessing, if Tyreese weren't doing his patrolling with a revolver in his hand. "That's the deal, right?" Tyreese says. "The people who are living are haunted by the dead. We are who we are and we do what we do, 'cause they're still here in our heads, in the forest. Whole world is haunted now. There's no getting out of that. Not until we're dead." What a completely organic and believable speech. Carol looks like she's working up to something as she says that maybe the dead are not haunting so much as teaching. "Helping remind us so that we can live with what we have to do." Tyreese puts a comforting hand on her shoulder, telling her to never be ashamed of who she is, and that she did right by the girls and everyone. Carol manages to accept his hug, even if the jury's still out on the girls.

As the two of them return empty-handed from their hunting trip, Carol tells Tyreese the stupid joke her late husband Ed used to tell every year: "What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? Beer nuts are around $1.79, deer nuts are just under a buck." They're still enjoying that moment when they spot Lizzie standing all creepy in the yard, and run the rest of the way to her. Lizzie's got a bloody knife in one of her bloody hands, and she proudly tells Carol and Tyreese, "Don't worry! She'll come back. I didn't hurt her brain." Jesus fuck, what a goddamn moron. Carol looks in horror at Mika lying dead on the grass, and little Judith Grimes on a blanket -- not dead yet, but clearly next. Carol reaches for the knife, but Lizzie drops it and draws her gun instead, pointing it at Carol, insisting they have to wait. "I need to show you, you'll finally see, you'll get it," Lizzie says. Tyreese quietly tells Lizzie to put the gun down, and Carol promises they can wait, if Lizzie will just give her the gun. Lizzie does so, and Carol tells Lizzie to take Judith back to the house with Tyreese. Lizzie says that Judith can change too. "She can't even walk yet," Carol points out. Lizzie concedes the point, and Carol suggests they go inside and have lunch while she ties Mika up so she won't go anywhere when she comes back. "I'll use her shoelaces," she promises. She exchanges a look with Tyreese, who is all, Okay, so we're humoring the crazy then. He gathers up Judith and leads Lizzie back towards the house, leaving Carol to smile bravely after them until she finally breaks down, drops the gun, and stands there with her knife in hand contemplating her next move. So then Lizzie is still alive why?

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