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We Need to Talk About Lizzie

Later, Carol and Mika are going out for a little hunt, with Mika carrying the rifle. The column of smoke is still there, and as Mika points out, the fact that it's black means the fire is still burning. She misses science class, except for the dissecting, and Carol points out she'll have to do worse than that these days. "I don't gotta," Mika says. Carol is saying she does, and is in the midst of politely explaining how her sister is a fucking idiot when she turns and spots a deer grazing at the edge of the woods. Carol lets Mika take the shot, but Mika can't pull the trigger, which is just as well because she was barely aiming the thing anyway. The deer wanders back into the trees while Carol gazes at Mika in undisguised disappointment. "We have peaches," Mika points out. Yeah, those make great jerky. Anyway, it could have been worse; look what happened last time Carl got too close to a deer.

Carol's next conversation is with Tyreese as he's drawing water from the well. He suggests they stay here rather than going to Terminus, as Mika suggested. He knows the girls, and he knows and trusts Carol, "And I don't know if I can get that anywhere else." Well, there is something Tyreese doesn't know about Carol, and she's not about to tell him. As for the girls, well, just you wait.

Meanwhile, in this idyllic setting, Mika goes looking for Lizzie, and is just in time to see her disappear into the woods. Sure enough, she's brought a live rat in a shoebox to that walker they left stuck on the railroad tracks, and is feeding it to the thing like she used to through the prison fence, only this time there's no fence. Mika, gun in hand, finds Lizzie kneeling on the tracks just inches away from it. She insists to Lizzie that the walkers are bad, and they can't pretend any more like they did at the prison. Lizzie claims that she can "hear" them. I can hear this one too; it says, "Rahh, rehhhh gahh sxxknkx!" Mika says they want to kill her, but Lizzie says they only want to change her into one of them. "Maybe I should change," she says, reaching a hand out to the slavering jaws. "I could make you all understand." Go for it. See how that works out.

Just then a group of charred zombies, presumably from the forest fire, comes out of the trees after them. The girls go running up the tracks screaming for Carol. Back at the house, the adults drop their pails of water and go running for the wire fence, which the girls have just barely beaten the crispy critters to. They start scrambling through the fence, but Mika gets hung up and the nearest one grabs her leg. Mika tries to pull her free, but then doesn't have to because Carol blew the head off the one that grabbed Mika. Tyreese joins the shooting with none-too-deadly accuracy, and soon Mika and even Lizzie are squeezing off rounds at the approaching horrors. Eventually they're all taken down, and Carol proudly hugs Lizzie, saying, "You did it." Well, whoop-de-fucking doo.

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