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We Need to Talk About Lizzie

The girls wait out on the lawn while the adults mount the porch and bang on the door. Carol and Tyreese will go in and clear, while the girls stand guard outside. Or rather sit guard. Mika can tell that Lizzie is upset, but not because she's worried about Carol and Tyreese in the house, and not because there's a small grave in the yard, but because a walker is likely to get killed inside the house. Mika snaps at Lizzie that they're not people. "You're wrong. All of you," Lizzie says coldly. Mika is still insisting that they're just dead when one of the monsters comes out a side door and topples over the porch rail, just feet away from them. Lizzie spills to the ground with a protesting Judith in her lap, leaving just Mika to face the zombie with her gun. She wings it in the shoulder a couple of times before finally scoring a headshot, causing it to collapse at the feet of a screaming Lizzie. Carol and Tyreese come rushing out after it's all over, helping Lizzie to her feet. Carol hands Judith to Tyreese to take her up onto the porch, reminds Mika to lower the gun, and wonders why Lizzie is still so upset. "I don't want to say," Lizzie answers, which is all the answer anyone needs. Mika goes to her on a bench and apologizes for yelling at her, then reminds her to look at the flowers and count to calm herself down. Christ, these two are a time bomb.

That night, in the house, Carol and Lizzie crack pecans by the light of an oil lamp as Lizzie says she's trying to understand. Well Lizzie, there are a lot of nuts on that table, but the biggest one is sitting at it. Mika excitedly rushes in with a doll she found, announcing that she's going to name her "Griselda Gunderson." Sounds like a new cast member on Girls. Tyreese comes in with more good news, which is that they've got water, so all they need now is to bag a deer. "We'll get one," Carol promises. I assume she means she'll get it herself, because she's the only one of them who can shoot. Tyreese is suddenly overwhelmed by the domesticity of it all, and Mika tells him to relax…so he does, settling into an easy chair and even taking off his hat for possibly the first time since he's been on the show. Turns out he has hair. From her spot on the floor, Mika looks around at the cozy scene and says, "We should live here." Tyreese and Carol look at each other like it's not the craziest idea they ever heard.

The next day, Carol fills a teakettle from a bucket and sets it on the stove. It looks like the same kettle from the opening scene, but it can't be because -- oh, wait, the gas and the pilot light are still on somehow, and the ring lights right up. And sure enough, Carol looks out the window and sees Lizzie playing tag with a zombie, just like in the teaser. So Carol rushes right out, ignoring Lizzie's protests as she turns her back on the monster and tries to protect it from Carol. Who shoves Lizzie aside, tackles the walker, and stabs it fatally in the forehead. Stupid Lizzie claims that it only wanted a friend and she was going to lead it away. Well, which is it? Carol says Lizzie could have died, like that's a bad thing, and Lizzie starts freaking out, screaming, "What if I killed you? What if I killed you?" She's still flipping shit when Tyreese comes to turn off the flame under the now-whistling kettle, and looks out the window to see Lizzie screaming at Carol over the body of the dead walker. Finally Lizzie settles down for a good cry over the body of her re-dead friend while Carol sits there all, What the actual, literal fuck?

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