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We Need to Talk About Lizzie

Later that day, Carol and Tyreese start smelling a hint of smoke somewhere in the distance. They decide to stop and look for water. Actually, Carol and Mika will do it, leaving Tyreese to babysit Judith and Lizzie. They're playing I Spy when Tyreese spies a walker wandering up the tracks. He hands off the baby to Lizzie, draws his hammer, and stalks up the tracks to meet it. Before he reaches it, though, the creature falls and gets stuck between the railroad ties somehow. Tyreese is just about to dispatch it when Lizzie comes up behind him with Judith, pleading the walker's case. She gets that sometimes they have to kill them, but sometimes they don't. Yes, and when would the latter be, Lizzie?

Out in the woods, Carol is basically telling Mika that she needs to toughen up already. Mika figures that she can get by with running, but Carol tells her that didn't work out so well for her daughter. Mika promises that she's not as fucked in the head about walkers as Lizzie is, "But I can't kill people. I could never do that." She says she couldn't pull the trigger back at the prison, because "Killing people is wrong." Out of the blue, she adds, "Someone killed Karen and David. They just killed them. They were nice!" Not that has anything to do with anything other than the dramatic irony that Karen and David's killer was in fact Carol. She asks Mika, "What about people who tried to kill you?" Mika says she doesn’t even wish she could. Carol gets down and reminds her, "People came in and killed our friends." Mika says she feels sorry for them. "Because they probably weren't like that before." Mika starts walking on, but Carol insists that at some point Mika will either have to kill someone or die. "So you're gonna change the way you think about it. You have to change. Everyone does now. Things just don't just work out." Carol's point is rather undercut, however, when they come out of the woods onto the edge of a large backyard leading to a house. "My mom used to say everything works out the way it's supposed to," Mika grins at Carol as they head for the house. So where's Mika's mom now?

During the commercial break, they went back for the rest of the group, and they're all returning to the house together. Carol points out the amenities like pecan trees, and a well, and the barbed-wire fences, and local deer, saying they could hang out here for a few days. Suddenly Lizzie points through the trees to a high column of smoke in the distance, rising straight up in the air on what's clearly a windless day. Tyreese speculates that the fire might have been started by lightning or a campfire. He also thinks they should mend the fence, but Carol suggests they leave it open for the deer to wander in. "Just play it really safe in here," she qualifies, like that's even possible with Lizzie around.

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