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It appears as though we're starting off tonight in the past again, because a kettle is on the stove's functioning gas ring, an old song is playing in the radio, and there are two blurry figures visible through the window cavorting in the yard. One's a laughing little girl constantly darting out of reach and the other is a…walker? Hard to tell when it's cavorting. Or maybe (and by "maybe" I mean "obviously") it's not cavorting at all and just trying to grab and eat Lizzie. Because come the fuck on, who else could it be but Lizzie? And thus ends the shortest teaser ever.

At night, Carol cradles Judith while Lizzie watches over the sleeping Tyreese and Mika, who are sacked out on the railroad tracks leading, presumably, to Terminus. Lizzie wonders if there will be kids there, and Carol figures there will be, if they have adults looking out for them the way the girls had Tyreese. Lizzie informs Carol that she saved Tyreese, back at the prison. Which I'm glad she mentioned, because it was a handy reminder of her one redeeming quality. Not that she even meant to hit Alisha in the head, but whatever. She also wonders if Carol had kids, and Carol says she had one. "What was she like?" Lizzie wonders. Dumb, and then missing, and then undead, and then just dead? In other words, Lizzie would have liked her. But Carol says that Sophia was sweet and didn't have a mean bone in her body. "Is that why she isn't here now?" asks Lizzie, who's got plenty. Carol says that's it, and that she misses Sophia every day. But she won't have to miss Lizzie because she's right here. Can we try missing her anyway? Just on a trial basis? Carol sends Lizzie to join the sleeping bundle of humans while she continues holding the sleeping Judith, and watches Tyreese wake up from a fever dream on the tracks. Did the dream involve the railroads suddenly working again?

The next morning, Lizzie finds some tree sap for Carol to apply to the cot on Tyreese's arm, which is apparently now infected and making him feverish. They speculate on how far they are from Terminus, and Tyreese remarks on how tough Lizzie is. Carol explains to Tyreese what a complete idiot she is when it comes to the walkers, whereas Mika "doesn't have a mean bone in her body." In other words, Mika is doomed.

As they walk along the tracks later that day, Mika wonders how Tom Sawyer ends, since they never got to finish it at story time. Carol tells them, but I'll spare you the spoilers. Mika figures Carol is like the Widow Douglas, and she's like Huck, until Lizzie straightens her out, saying Mika is more like Tom and she, Lizzie, is more like Huck. Well, if those are the only options. I'm currently trying to imagine what Tom Sawyer would be if Becky Thatcher were like Lizzie. That would be some twisted fucking shit.

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