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I'm Okay, You're Okay, They're Undead
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It may be nighttime, but Daryl and Beth aren't sleeping. Instead, they come busting out of the trees in front of a bashed-up car like this was where they meant to show up. They look as if walkers are chasing them at this very moment. While Beth tries the ignition, (nothing, but a click, obvi) Daryl covers her by pointing his crossbow at one of the 360 directions walkers might approach them from. Hearing them coming, he ushers her into the cavernous trunk and follows, fortunate that they found an early 1980s model. Daryl ties a rag inside the trunk lid to hold it nearly closed without latching it, because wouldn't that be a way to go, after everything else? The walkers come past in a herd, not directly visible through the tiny crack under the trunk lid, but making their walker-noises and jostling the car as they stumble past it and probably reeking as usual. The night passes in misery, shown by flashing lightning and the ebb and flow of the walkers outside and lots of jarring jump-cuts. Through it all, Daryl keeps his crossbow leveled at the tiny gap, like it's going to do anything if they're discovered.

In the morning, both the storm and the herd has cleared, and when Daryl and Beth emerge from their temporary crypt, the car door that was broken before has since been torn clean off. They're lucky none of the zombies stumbled and fell on the trunk lid and slammed it shut on them. They collect what treasure they can from the car -- a mostly empty water bottle, the twine from the roof, the side mirror, and the headlight fragments, all going into trash bags -- before moving on. Hey, guys, you know eBay's down, right? The thing is, neither of them has said a word to the other. Well, at least it doesn't look like I'll have a lot of dialogue to transcribe.

Daryl stalks a squirrel in the woods, but misses, probably for the first time in his adult life. Not only did the squirrel get away, the bolt's shaft cracked when it hit the tree. Looks like he's only got five left now, but I don't know how they lasted this long to begin with. Meanwhile, in a muddy clearing that houses the world's saddest makeshift tent, Beth digs a small hole in the ground with her bare hands, then uses the mirror and the headlight fragment to focus the sunlight enough to start a campfire. Then she and Daryl string the hubcaps around the camp in the primitive alarm system that's always worked so well for everyone. Daryl then goes after some different prey: a rattlesnake, which he dispatches by pinning its neck to the ground with a forked stick before stabbing it through the head. And Beth examines a small bug she scooped off some wet leaves, but she isn't desperate enough yet to pop it in her mouth. This could hardly be grosser than watching Daryl skin the snake and then eat its charred carcass afterward, while she picks at her portion like an exotic hors d'oeuvre.

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Walking Dead




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