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And We're the Chickens
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Instead of flashing back in time before the zombie apocalypse, we jump right into the present day and see Carl up and around feeding chickens with Lori. I immediately thought this was several days later, but given all the stuff that happens with Glennn and Lori later in the episode, it seems like it's the day after the pharmacy run and Glennn's discovery of the barn. Either Carl's a quick healer or time passes weirdly on this barn. It could really go either way.

Carl looks at the chicks and imagines that their mother probably got eaten. Cue us watching Otis' wife, Patricia, as she takes some chickens from the coop and carries them into a shed to break their legs. She then tosses them into a wheelbarrow and brings them to the barn as a midday snack for all of the confined walkers. Who knew that the walkers ate chickens? And wouldn't it be more exciting for them to have to chase them around, so they'd get a little exercise, and the chickens would have a fighting chance?

Maggie sees Glennn just staring at the barn and tells him he's being ridiculously suspicious and that he needs to freaking get a grip. Where, oh, where has my beloved Glennn gone? And who, oh, who, is this dude? Glennn does admit that the barn o'walkers is a super-creepy idea, and asks for an explanation.

T-Dog asks Glennn what's up, and he gets all squirrely, which doesn't go unnoticed by the town know-it-all Dale. Andrea makes a half-assed apology to Daryl, by giving him a book that doesn't even have pictures of naked ladies in it. Andrea, find a better way to say sorry to a guy you shot in the head. Even though this is seemingly the next day, my boyfriend Daryl is looking remarkably healthy. He's a trooper. He also forgives Andrea rather quickly, though warns her he'll kill her if she shoots at him again. And now I'm rooting for Andrea's itchy trigger finger to fire again, solely so Daryl would have an excuse to murder her in a totally justifiable way.

Glennn really gets on my nerves by telling Lori that she has to tell Rick about the baby. He gets all up in her business, trying to give her extra food and offering to get pre-natal vitamins, which makes me wonder why he didn't just ransack the store in the first place. Why make repeated trips when they've got plenty of storage space at the farm? It seems like they are needlessly putting themselves in harm's way on this show.

Speaking of that, Rick is still looking at maps trying to find where Sophia might have gone. Looks like there's a suburban McMansion development nearby where she could be hiding out. So after shooting practice (really?), Shane will head up there in his snappy product placement of a vehicle with whoever proves to be the best shot. Target practice? I understand that they are working on self-defense techniques, but they have a limited supply of ammo, so this seems ridiculously wasteful. Also, zombies like loud noises. Why risk drawing more attention to your location? These people are all fucking idiots. Glennn walks over with the basket of peaches (that Maggie tried to bribe his silence with) and just stares awkwardly at Shane and Rick. Then Patricia and that other random blonde girl who may be her daughter come over and ask to be schooled in shooting as well. Are you serious? They're worried about protecting themselves now that the gun-toting Otis is no longer around. This mostly seems like a way to remind us of that whole Shane- killing-Otis-thing, and that Hershel specifically told Rick to leave his people out of crap like this. For his part, Rick says he'll have to get permission from Hershel, though we don't actually see this exchange.

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