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Grimes of Vengeance
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There appears to be some kind of street picnic going on in Woodbury. Milton brings Andrea a cold drink and everything, although he's not entirely on board with this use of the generators. Andrea asks Milton for a hint about something that's supposed to be going down tonight, and he obligingly says, "Mere words cannot adequately describe the festivities ahead." Michonne watches this cozy tête-à-tête from a distance up the street, and bumps into another Woodburian as she sulks off. Didn't someone say there are like 76 people in this town? And if so, why do they all have to be in the shot at once?

Okay, well, not all of them; the Governor's in his house, carefully brushing what I assume is his daughter's long, dark hair. But if the quiet zombie-snarling undertone doesn't tip you off that this isn't a scene of normal paternal devotion, the fact that a hunk of scalp comes off in the brush might, as does the fact that the Governor's undead daughter Penny tries to take a hunk out of his arm in retaliation. But fortunately for him, she's small enough and weak enough that he's able to get her straitjacket laced back up and the pillowcase back over her head without her breaking any of his skin. He assures her that he still loves her and kisses her on the head-bag before going with her to the window. Through the drawn shades, he can see Michonne looking back up at his house from the street, almost as though she can see him. I think Chris Hardwicke puts it best in the Talking Dead promo: "What the hell else is this guy into?"

After the ads, we come back to the prison and grimy little baby Grimes, still squalling in Maggie's arms while Rick is totally checked out. Maggie hands the kid off the Carl, who carries it over to Hershel while Daryl's already wondering what they're going to feed it. Well, let a walker bite it and soon it'll be willing to eat anyone. Hershel pronounces her healthy at a glance, but in need of formula, quickly. Daryl's not in the mood to lose anyone else and announces he's going for a run. Maggie and Glenn immediately volunteer to join him. Daryl asks Beth to look after Carl and Rick -- the latter of whom is still in Tom-Hanks-on-the-beach-in-Saving-Private-Ryan-mode as he dimly registers an axe lying on the ground. While Daryl's giving orders to prepare to move, Rick snatches up the axe and runs back into the prison. Way to make yourself useful during a crisis, homeskillet. At this rate, Carl and Rick will have traded places by the end of the season. Daryl leads his little party to the vehicles, but Maggie's been scouting the shops along the way and knows which stores' baby sections have already been looted. You'd think they might have picked up some formula along the way already; it's not like the new baby is a complete surprise to anyone. The mall that Glenn saw signs for is down a road too littered with debris for a car, which means Daryl and one other person can go on his motorcycle. Maggie insists on being the one, so off she and Daryl go, Oscar quickly closing the gate behind them. I know that this show takes place in a world where there was no zombie pop culture of any kind, but really, guys? The mall? Dawn of the Dead ought to be programmed into our species memory if nothing else.

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