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Mutiny in Woodbury
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We must be starting the episode with a flashback. Andrea and Michonne are out in the wilderness together, with Michonne's pet walkers chained to trees just inside the circle of light cast by their campfire. The two refugees eat out of tin cans and comment wryly about "girls' night." Andrea asks Michonne where her pets came from, but all she gets in response is a pained glare. "You want to talk about it?" Andrea says. I would have thought the answer to that would be obvious, but this is Andrea we're talking about. We already know from earlier in the season that Andrea never did learn the full provenance of Michonne's pets, but we all get a clue here. "They deserved what they got," Michonne says. "They weren't human to begin with." Like before they turned? Thanks for making me curious again about an issue I'd forgotten about months ago, Show.

From the chain of one of Michonne's pets, we dissolve to another pair of chains -- this one in some dungeon of the Governor's, as he kneels between two post about six feet apart to test their security in holding what he clearly hopes will be a very special guest. Yep, they look solid. Unlike the Governor's current state of mind.

It looks like fall is coming on in Woodbury, as Martinez and the Governor's men are wearing jackets as they load an Army Humvee up with weapons. Milton wonders what's going on, and seems surprised at all the artillery being sent out, not to mention every swinging dick the Governor's got. Andrea rolls up, saying, "I thought there was a deal on the table?" Yes, Andrea, that's because you're an idiot. Milton assures her that it's probably just a precaution, but he's clearly not convinced himself as he stomps off in search of the Governor.

The man himself is currently in his dungeon, inventorying a tray of nasty-looking torture devices, sweating and breathing through his mouth like he's fighting off a cold or was recently punched in the nose. Either one sounds good to me. He becomes aware of Milton standing in the doorway behind him, and asks what he needs. "How does that help Woodbury?" Milton demands, reminding the Governor of his big dreams for the town. Milton gets how the Governor feels about Michonne, but not the people at the prison. The Governor asks Milton if he still believes there's anything left of humanity in the walkers, and when Milton says he does, the Governor reminds him that in that case, Michonne killed his little girl. Milton tries to claim it doesn't matter any more, but the Governor tells him that it's all that matters. Michonne has clearly become the governor's white whale, if you'll pardon the expression.

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