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Sophia's Choice

But wait, there's more! Dale comes back and looks on in disapproving horror, and it seems that there's one more walker in the barn. It's Sophia. Obviously. We knew she was dead, and putting her in the barn is kind of a predictable choice, but still, this little girl is far more convincing as a zombie than she ever was as a human kid, so let's just go with it. Besides, killing a little kid is a wonderfully disturbing place to put a midseason break. But first, Carol tries to run to her little zombie child, and is stopped by Daryl (are they going to hook these two up? Because I'm not sure I can deal with that). As Sophia stumbles out into the daylight, Carl looks appropriately horrified (as Lori advises him not to watch). Even Shane doesn't want to kill the kid, which is saying a lot, but Rick steps up and puts a bullet in her brain. And that's how you do a cliffhanger, folks. We're left wondering if Hershel understands walkers, or will just be pissed, if everyone will hate Shane for his outburst, if people will hate Rick for killing (and already dead) Sophia, if they'll have to leave the barn. It's got my interest piqued enough to not dread its February return, which I couldn't have said a week ago. Now if the rest of the show could be consistently a tenth of that good, it would really save me from banging my head against the wall on Sunday nights a lot. And I'd really appreciate that. I doubt it will happen though.

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