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Sophia's Choice

Hershel heads over to the campsite and tells Rick (who is looking at maps with Andrea) that he needs help. Gun happy Andrea happily volunteers, but Hershel shoots her down. And we pointedly see Andrea putting a gun in her back while saying she's going to the barn to keep watch. Hershel does not look pleased.

Lori's chopping some carrots and Shane wants to talk about the baby and how Rick doesn't have what it takes to survive in this apocalyptic world. He starts showing her a PowerPoint graph about how many times he's saved his life, compared to how many times Rick has. Turns out it's Shane: One billion and Rick: Zero. He blames Rick for putting the needs of others in front of his family. Shane says that it is his baby, Lori begs to differ, and they part ways. As he's walking off he runs into Carl, who mans up and tells Shane in no uncertain terms that they are staying until they find Sophia. Shane seems impressed by Carl, but does tell him not to use foul language in a parental sort of way. Of course Lori sees this exchange and calls Carl away.

Inside the RV, Shane realizes the weapons are gone, and asks Glennn where Dale went, but Glennn's clueless. Hershel's out in the swampland, where two walkers are stuck in the mud. Hershel knew these neighbors, and would like Rick to stop killing people and save them instead. He says if they want to stay, these are the terms.

Daryl and Carol are out for a walk, and see some Cherokee Rose flowers, and Daryl apologizes for blowing up. He insists that Sophia is still out there, mostly because finding her is his only purpose in life. So sad. Carol gently touches the flower, and hopefully says they'll find her. Yup, so dead.

Hershel, Rick and Jimmy are having a mite of trouble lassoing the zombies and getting them to willingly go to the barn. Turns out this used to be Otis's job. Otis was so useful.

Maggie carries some vegetables and Glennn tries to make amends. He explains that he had to tell everyone about the walkers because they are dangerous creatures. He forgot for a while, and let himself be zombie bait in the well because it was like a real life video game (almost adorable there, Glennn). He remembers when he saved her in the pharmacy -- he can't deal with the only person he cares about being put in the path of danger. He's tired of secrets, because that's what gets people killed. He'd rather she be pissed at him and alive. He looks kind of cute without the hat. Wonder if he'll find a way to wash egg out of it at any point, or if he'll swipe one from a dead body, or if he'll just go sans hat for a while. Anyway, he starts to walk out and Maggie calls him back and kisses him. While I still don't think she can really emote, this is probably the most realistic relationship on the show... now that he's not acting like a 7-year-old.

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