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Sophia's Choice

Daryl goes to the barn to borrow another horse, against doctor's orders. Carol tries to stop him, and while he won't listen to her protests about caring about his health, her questioning if Sophia is still alive does him in. So he starts angrily throwing things around in the barn. Then he calls her a "stupid bitch" and walks off. Thank you, Daryl.

Glennn is on the RV keeping watch, and asks Dale to borrow a hat. Andrea's inside weaponing up. She's going to go search for Sophia with Rick, but first she's going to go watch the barn with Shane. Dale gets all uppity about the fact that Andrea and Shane had sex. It's embarrassing and none of his damned business. Is it because he likes her, or because he just hates Shane? Either way, its terrible. When Andrea goes out, Dale asks Glennn to go get water and he takes that opportunity to pack up all the guns.

Inside the farmhouse, Hershel is minding his own business, eating some peaches and reading manuals on caring for a vast property when Rick comes in to bother him. Rick offers to help him with the farm, since it is a lot to do on his own, and he's shot down. He says they found the barn and Hershel tells him to drop it. Then he turns into Dr. Seuss. "I do not want to talk about the barn. I do not want a debate." I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam I am. Rick keeps pushing the issue, and Hershel responds by telling him to get his group and get off his property by the end of the week. Rick wonders if his conscience can handle sending an entire group of actual living people out to certain death. He explains how awful the real world is, and informs him that Lori is pregnant... like that matters. But Rick insists it's a death sentence. Hershel reiterates loudly that he's made up his mind. Maggie has eavesdropped on this entire conversation, and shoots Hershel a disapproving glare.

Shane stares at the barn. Rick stomps over and says that he and Hershel are in the middle of negotiations. Oh, Rick. So oblivious. He and Shane then have the loud debate again about the relative safety of the barn, and Shane's desire to shoot things. Until Rick drops the bomb that Lori's having a baby and they can't leave. Andrea is not with Shane at this point, even though that's where she said she was going. Did she get lost? Even though we've been told about 100 times that the barn is really close to their camp and totally dangerous.

Back inside the farmhouse, Hershel justifies his decision by saying that Carl is fine now and doesn't need him anymore. Hershel thinks that Rick is being overdramatic and that they can totally find a nice little farm of their own that isn't overrun by walkers. Hershel thinks these people aren't his responsibility. Maggie starts quoting the Bible, "Love one another as I have loved you." We find out through a lot of exposition, that Maggie was a rebellious teenager and hated that her mom married Hershel, until he reminded her that he loved her. Hershel says that was different, and seems to think this is because of the Asian boy and her feelings. She says that Glennn saved her ass at the pharmacy (though she didn't actually need to be there in the first place), and she tells him to get his head out of his butt and realize what is actually happening in the world outside. She tells him to be a good person and let them stay. Just then Jimmy comes in and tells them that "it" happened again.

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